SteemQuest Beta: Merchant’s Guild (Part 1)

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Welcome! to SteemQuest an RPG based game

SteemQuest is an ongoing and growing RPG world here on Steem. New Players are always welcome. Players can come and go as they desire, just let us know when you are leaving (say you are taking an IRL 2 week vacation) we will make sure your character is somewhere safe until you return (or Thunk may just cover you with leaves on the side of the road).

  • If you are new and want to join just reply to any active post with a character's info. Use this quick start guide to quickly get going.
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Our current party is:

I will be posting a new turn every 48 hours during role playing rules to give players time to interact.
To help speed up Quests during Questing rules I will post when everyone is done with their actions. Sometimes this is less than 48 hours.


The members of the Thieve’s Guild lead you through the sewer system and you come up in the marketplace.

‘This on the surface looks normal but beneath that appearance lies a ‘black market’. The merchant guild uses it to acquire things.


Quaid: "Grim looks like he has this under control... and every time I talk to a thief or merchant they look like they want to punch me... so..." I'll just !search the area around a corner.

You search the surrounding area and you find entrance to thieve's guild

Geez, another entrance to the thieves guild? That place is not very secure.

OOC: Nope, it seems with the small size of members you saw, they might be new at this, whole GUILD thing.

"grim is cleanses the throat" and shout in a general direction: HELLO A WANT TO BUY FROG LEGS PAYING TO "GOLD COINS" @rolld20 Personality!

Shake shake shake, you roll the 20-sided die.

You rolled a 14.

A man steps out from under the red umbrella.
"Come in brave Dwarf, we have a large assortment of Frog Legs for sale"

As you walk in you see many cases of Frog Legs for sale they all look kind of small but tasty. Seeing your lack of enthusiasm, the man asks

"Are these not what you are looking for ? Maybe I can help you find something else, something more exotic ?"

a like what you say my good man. can a ask where you find this fine specimens?
"grim" is putting on his chefs voice a like to acquire a few of them but a like to know where they are from. my prestige guests like to know a charge more gold. you know vink, vink,

I have awakened, a new day has dawned,
refreshed and resplendant, he says with a yawn.
Where are those comoanions of mine, he thinks?
I will go find them, are they still having drinks?

Thunk steps up beside Grim serving as his “second”... you know, kinda a Sous chef role/body guard. Thunk !search around and sees the small frog legs and grabs a few. (Mmmm samples. ). “These teeny tiny kegs aren’t worth our time Chef Grim. Shall we look for another tent?’

You search the surrounding area and you find jar of spice

Thunk examines the jar or spice and slips it into Grims sack

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