SteemQuest Lore & Introducing Crafting

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With this post we are introducing crafting to the SteemQuest Universe.
1st here is some background Lore...

Ley Lines
Ley Lines are rivers of magic flowing through the lands discovered many eons ago. They can not be be seen by all, only those sensitive to magic. The Lines appear very similar to the flow of water upon the land.
Magical users have studied this phenomenon over time and discovered that certain types of Lines bring different types of magic. They have learned to draw mana from the Lines increasing their ability to perform magical feats.
As the knowledge of Ley Lines grew, schools were established. Many of the high level users became secretive and quite possessive of their knowledge. Eventually the greed for power started rivalry amongst the different schools of knowledge. Rivalry grew to fighting, which escalated to wars.
Unfortunately much of the knowledge obtained by these magic users became lost to the world. Occasionally an adventurer stumbles across relics from this time, often not knowing what they have found.

Magic Gems
The stories say that one day while mining a dwarf sensitive to magic found some gems growing near a convergence of Ley Lines. The site was excavated and a large forge was built. Through a lot of trial and error the dwarves discovered that using certain chants and rituals some of the magic could be captured inside the gemstones.
Soon gems from throughout the realm were brought over. It was discovered that different types of gems would collect different types of magic. Often the gem’s would break during the ritual, but the ones that survived were crafted into various items giving them new powers.
More forges were built as Ley Line convergences were discovered. Magic users studied the art of imbuing magic into the gems. Blacksmiths practiced the art of crafting the gems into chosen items. Towns were built around the forges and trade routes were soon moving between the lands.
During the wars many of the magically enhanced items were plundered, hidden and eventually lost to civilization.


Utilizing the new skills of Imbue and Blacksmith player characters will be able to attempt to craft new items.

A player with a Blacksmith skill can attempt to craft anything from everyday items to basic weapons at any forge. They need to be able to pay for time at the forge and basic materials. More exotic materials may be discovered questing.

A player with Blacksmith may attempt to craft a magic gem into an item granting it new powers at a Ley-Line Shrine/Forge.

1st the blacksmith has to attempt to craft the base item. It is a 15 or less on a D20 for base material items. More exotic materials will be more difficult.

2nd the blacksmith must craft the gem into the item, merging the two items into one. This is successful on a 15 or less.

NPC’s can be found that will Blacksmith for you.

A player with the Imbue skill may attempt to gather mana into a gemstone at a Ley-Line Shrine/Forge. No one knows what power the stone will collect but it’s color gives a certain idea. A stone may break during this process. A player has to roll a 8 or less on a D20 to succeed.

It is said there are ancient texts that help.

NPC’s can be found that can Imbue for you.

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