SteemQuest Beta: Bucking Mule (Part 3)

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Welcome! to SteemQuest a RPG based game
[New Players]
SteemQuest is an ongoing and growing RPG world here on Steem. New players are always welcome. Players can come and go as they desire, just let us know when you are leaving (say you are taking an IRL 2 week vacation) we will make sure your character is somewhere safe until you return (or Thunk may just cover you with leaves on the side of the road)

If you are New and want to join just reply to any active post with a character. I will create you a character card and add you

Here are the current rules:

Here is the link to the character cards showing all your bright and shiny stuff:

Here is the link to the monster cards:

Link to crafting

Welcome everyone. Our current party is:

@sidekickmatt - Character Quaid
@wren1221 - Character Thunk, a Thunk
@darklands - Character Grim, a dwarf
@agr8buzz - Character Zur, a human
@sarez - Character Khan, an elf
@ecoinstat - Character Warcet
@mickvir - Character: Frienmir, a dwarf
@atomcollector - Character: Atom, an elf [MIA]

I will be posting a new turn every 48 hours to give players time to interact

Here is a link to the spreadsheet showing what you have.



As the FrogMan legs are running out. The rear door to the tavern bursts open. A heavy set bald human waddles in.
‘I got the supplies”

He set down a fresh box of FrogMan legs,

“Some of the biggest I have ever seen”

The line cooks get to work prepping them and Grim smiles.


The tavern is getting full, you can barely move in it. Quaid & Thunk look around for their Friends.
Zur is at the bar loving life & Khan is at a table talking to an unknown mage in low tones



Quaid points, "You! Fat, bald man! You have some nerve delivering these totally under-sized, rancid frog legs to these good folks! Pack up this box and bring it back. In fact, we're coming with you! I'd like to have a talk with your so-called supplier! Move it! Let's go!"

Quaid looks back to make sure the rest of the party is here. !search

Thunk, ever the faithful, is right there to support Quaid. “Hold on a second Cap’tn. Let me round up the group.” Thunk !search the bar for the rest of the party. Thunk leans over Warcet shoulder and says in a low voice, “Hey magic man. You coming with us to find the source of these forbidden Frogman Legs?”

Thunk tucks the cheese in his pocket for later.

You search the surrounding area and you find cheese

Let’s try this !search

You search the surrounding area and you find apple

The bald man tosses Quaid an apple 🍎
“Relax, here take an apple. All our supplies are approve by the merchant guild”
He turns the box and shows a tax stamp
‘And I pay me taxes’
As he puts a hand on Quaid’s shoulder,
‘Try to enjoy the evening”
he puts an Ale in Quaid’s other hand. ‘on the house”

Quaid, for a split second, thinks "Hmmmm. Maybe we should move here." No, no, let's go talk to the Merchant's Guild.

Grim looks at Thunk and Quaid then at the frog legs then at Thunk. AM CONFUSED.
stating to look down at the floor !search

Hmmm 🤔 think the edit, made the bot miss this post.
Let’s try

You search the surrounding area and you find secret passage

While cooking in the kitchen, Grim notices a space behind the stove. He has seen passages like this when growing up in the Dwarven tunnels of his home world.
He thinks to himself, they will have to wait for the stove to cook to attempt to enter

after Quaids outbreak, Grim decide it's time for dessert. and trying to make a apple pie maby even have some for later the meantime am trying to studly the passage whit out anybody notice it.

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 4.

You successfully make an apple pie.

lets see how many piece a can cut it up to @rollthedice

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