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RE: SteemQ - A Decentralized Video Platform for STEEM

in #steemq8 years ago

Finally! I have been waiting for something like this for literally YEARS.

I'm a dancer and always have the problem that youtube takes down my videos due to copyright infringement. every single time !
If this platform would be released, I could finally create concept videos and short films with great music and not just royalty free.

This would be a game changer, and I'm looking forward to the release in 6 months! Exciting project, good job!


We might as well post whatever pictures we like too, after all, who cares about copyright infringement.

I am excited for SteemQ but your idea to create short films with great music and not just royalty free is a dangerous precedent and one likely to keep SteemQ alongside other notorious piracy sites like VKontakte. As well as this, it threatens to alienate music creators (surely among the biggest revenue generators on YouTube).

Agreed, and sorry to be late to the dance here to comment. I want this to happen but just bcz the site goes up (same as here) does not give us all the right to steal someone else's copyrighted work and make money off of it, without their permission, consent, or financial agreement. Like here, a community would have to develop to downvote, flag, or ban repeat copyright offenders. Great concept tho (!) and I'm sure the community will evolve to handle such issues as they arise - integrity will always matter tho.

Having Decentralized Applied to Photo/Video/Any Content sharing ... Then that is what a freedom is all about.

I'm not sure you want copyright laws to be ignored. Property rights are at the center of a free market. I'd almost have to say why wouldn't we all want to be paid for the product our brains come up with?

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