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he is definitely one of the greatest athletes of our time!

agreed! He did things that humans thaught would've never been possible!

I'm interest if his actual answer would be the same, but I think it's quite likely. you described his character very well

thank you! glad you enjoyed my work

that first gif is awesome, you're so creative!

Flagged for using my image without referencing the source.

oh sorry, I edited in your source. found the picture on google and I just wanted something to represent steemit and support it, as the design was intented for :)

Thanks. I removed the flag and I'm glad you found a good way to use the image. I like how Bolt has flair and a good community spirit.

thank you for understanding.
Yes, he stayed so down to earth and likeable, I imagine he must be a really nice guy!

ha, cool plot twist. usain bolt is awesome!

thanks for the compliment, and yes he is! Despite all his fame he has managed to stay very humble.

Jamaica must be beautiful, would love to visit it one day as well!

it's one of a kind, and the people are so friendly and welcoming!

that was a nice twist, and a very good moral at the end! uprooted

the answers he gave were very wise, and I can actually imagine him saying something like that! good job with this one, I enjoyed it

I appreciate your compliment, thanks!

I love the conclusion of the story, so true!

thank you, glad you liked it!

Usain Bolt is impressive — supreme discipline. Great post!