SteemProjects: Weekly Report. Trader and investor community, rewarding users, light Steem client, bubble chart, a lot of updates... and more!

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Hello Steemians!

This summer is really hot in Poland, but it doesn't really matter for us, because update on SteemProjects must be made! This time our content manager @lukmarcus decided to update some of the projects already present in our database - but don't worry, there are also 8 new entries!

Steem Interfaces


  • Traders & Investors Mentor Market by @timm
    TIMM is a place where expert and novice traders and investors can collaborate in their pursuit of mutual profit. TIMM is a trader and investor community where Mentors and Members are able to interact, contract services and otherwise pursue mutual profit. Services offered include the Trading Pits (real time forum), webinars, forums, blogs, newsletters and various opportunities for communication and monetization. Other than TIMM’s basic service fees, the community embraces a free market (laissez faire) philosophy. Mentors set their own fees and all Members are able to tip and receive tips.



  • Lightsteem by @emrebeyler
    Lightsteem is a light python 3.6+ client to interact with the STEEM blockchain. It's simple and stupid. You ask something, you get something.
  • Steemit Bubbles by @luschn
    Show steemit followers in a d3 bubble chart (circle packing), with a circle size depending on the vesting shares.
  • SteemitTools.XYZ by @hunternnm (Status: Broken)
    By entering your login you can find out the complete list of those who, how much and for what amount voted for you. Also the removal of non-reciprocal followers and other possibilities.

Programing tools



Followers RewardReblogReward

  • Followers Reward by @t3ran13
    This simple tool will help you reward or send message to your followers on STEEM/GOLOS blockchain.
  • Reblog Reward by @t3ran13
    This simple tool will help you reward users for resreem/reblog on STEEM or GOLOS blockchain.


Contact us!

We are replaying to comments so if you have any questions - ask them! You can also contact @lukmarcus about content directly on or join our SteemProjects channel.

Steem on!

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Thanks guys. Looks great.

We've published your article on TIMM!

You've also been tipped from TIMM.

The Magic Frog by @mkt & @help:

You have a typo there: It's @helo not @help

Thanks for mentioning! :)


corrected :) Thanks! :)


Thanks for looking out for me.


Sorry - my mistake :(


It’s ok, @mkt does need help once in a while.

I get so caught up in the projects I am working on that it is nice to see some of the other projects being worked on. I'm currently working on @timm for @anotherjoe and company. I am also working on some other stuff that I imagine will be in announcements once they are ready. If anyone ever gets stumped by something feel free to contact me. I am generally hanging out in discord.

thank you!
good work)

Steemittools seems to be a dead link and is listed as 'broken'. Sounds like it would be useful. I assumed it was still working.


We decided to list all projects (also those unavailable/retired/broken) to have an archive of project. Thanks to that for example, new potential creators could make a research whether a perticular idea was actually atractive to users.

Also... if some old project was open-source, a source-code could be reused.

What is the Golos blockchain?


Golos is the alternative for whole Steem blockchain - it was forked early and adapted mostly by Russians -


Nice sorry I'm asking you all the questions, what are some benefits to Golos compared to steemit?
Thanks for all the info btw.


Imagine Steem but only for one language community. Russians adapted Steem to their needs and they created new token - Golos. You can see it on CoinMarket.

Benefits? Larger Russian language audience :)


@noisy, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

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