SteemProjects (Week 14): Three specialized interfaces, tools for witnesses, new way to create accounts and funny bot

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One Day = One Project

It's a simple idea - one new project per day. This means our content manager @lukmarcus will present you seven new entries in every weekly report. This time it will be Week 14 (1st April - 7th April).

See you on SteemProjects.

1st April: Wishqus

Team: @ansarimofid, @rajatdangi, @bxute & @singhpratyush


Category: Specialized Steem Interface

Description: Make public wishes and let others see and upwish them. Includes TRENDING and LATEST sections where you can find most upwished wishes in previous three days and live wishes as they are created on the platform.

Wishqus page on SteemProjects

2nd April: Infestor

Team: @emrebeyler


Category: Account Creation Tool

Description: Infestor is a multi-platform command line application to claim and create accounts easily. Claiming accounts requires lots of resource credits, but if you have enough SP to create a couple then you can constantly claim new accounts and use if to onboard your friends, or new users for your dApp, etc.

Infestor page on SteemProjects

3rd April: !pancakes

Team: @themarkymark & @pancakes


Category: Bot

Description: I wanted to build something fun, different, and engaging. I think we need a lot more of these three things on Steem. Everyone seems to be moping around and that's not healthy. Just type !pancakes anywhere on the blockchain, and you will see first hand why this is the dumbest thing I have ever done.

!pancakes page on SteemProjects

4th April: seednodemonitor

Team: @themarkymark


Category: Witness Tool

Description: seednodemonitor is a nodejs utility to monitor Steem seed nodes and alert via Pushover when they are offline.

seednodemonitor page on SteemProjects

5th April: dpoll

Team: @emrebeyler


Category: Specialized Steem Interface

Description: Experimental application on the top of the STEEM blockchain. It has an account based voting system, where accounts may vote specific questions asked by other STEEM accounts.

dpoll page on SteemProjects

6th April: Tower

Team: @emrebeyler


Category: Data

Description: A REST api implementation on the top of Hivemind.

Tower page on SteemProjects

7th March: SteemRSS

Team:, @doriitamar & @philipkoon


Category: Specialized Steem Interface

Description: A simple tool for creating Atom/RSS feeds from Steemit accounts and categories.

SteemRSS page on SteemProjects


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