SteemProjects (March): New "one day ⟶ one project" strategy. 20 updated/added projects. Logging-in via SteemConnect fixed!

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Keeping a huge database of all Steem Projects up to date requires a huge effort. Such a task is almost impossible to be handled by a single person. Knowing that, SteemProjects was designed in a way, that:

  1. Everyone can submit an app/project and help keep SteemProjects database up to date
  2. Team members of particular projects can edit own projects
  3. Selected moderators can approve projects drafts, to be displayed as a full-fledged project entries

However in recent time SteemProjects had a problems with SteemConnect. That had keep causing that people couldn't log in via their Steem Account to contribute (it was possible only via Github). We are now very happy to let you know, that this problem has been solved by us Today :)

So, if you would like to help Steem Community, by updating information about your favorite projects, you can keep doing this very easily once again!

More frequent updates of SteemProjects database by Wise-Team

We also decided to try a new approach in terms of what we can do to make sure that SteemProjects will be up to date.

One Day = One Project

It’s a simple idea - one new project per day. This means our content manager @lukmarcus will present you seven new entries in every weekly report (with exception of this post, which contains entries from most of the March).

Of course updates of existing entries are also important, so those updates will be counted as well. This will be our minimum :)

From Match 11 to March 24 our content manager @lukmarcus focused on one author. One creator with many projects and ideas - @inertia. Entries from 25th-31st are more author-diversified :)

11th March: Steem Together


Category: Data

Description: A Steem tool to query interactions between accounts.

Steem Together page on SteemProjects

12th March: Meeseeker


Category: Database

Description: Redis based block follower is an efficient way for multiple apps to stream the Steem Blockchain. If you have multiple applications that need to perform actions as operations occur, meeseeker will allow your apps to each perform actions for specific operations without each app having to stream the entire blockchain.

Meeseeker page on SteemProjects

13th March: Lucky Luke


Category: Bot

Description: Lucky Luke is a reimplementation of Dr. Phil, but instead of voting for new articles, it votes for posts mentioned in the memo field of a transfer operation. By default, it votes for any transfer sent to @booster but you can configure any bot that receives pay-for-vote transfers (or even @null). You can also set a minimum transfer amount to ignore small amounts.

Lucky Luke page on SteemProjects

14th March: Mr. Krabs


Category: Bot

Description: Mr. Krabs is a reimplementation of Dr. Phil, but instead of voting for new articles, it self-votes for posts and comments you write, after certain rules are met. By default, it votes for posts that reach 60 votes or is 6 days old. The default for comments is 6 votes or 6 days old.

Mr. Krabs page on SteemProjects

15th March: Cat Facts


Category: Bot

Description: Cat Facts is a fork for Freakazoid that uses Cat Facts API responses to STEEM as bot replies. Unlike Freakazoid, this bot works without having to register for an API key.

Cat Facts page on SteemProjects

16th March: Witness Inspector


Category: Data

Description: Witness Inspector will look at the witnesses you've voted for and finds their latest #witness-category posts so you can get all of the URLs on one screen.

Witness Inspector page on SteemProjects

17th March: SteemData Ruby Wrapper


Status: Out of Date

Category: Data

Description: Wrapper for accessing in a ruby application. It uses MongoID and ActiveModel to leverage all of the tools provided by those libraries.

SteemData Ruby Wrapper page on SteemProjects

18th March: Stinky Pete


Category: Other

Description: Stinky Pete allows you to claim rewards based on rules. You can manually run this script periodically or create a cron job.

Stinky Pete page on SteemProjects

19th March: Dr. Doogie


Category: Bot

Description: Dr. Doogie (drdoogie.rb) is a voting bot that will trail the votes of other accounts in order to then mirror their voting pattern.

Dr. Doogie page on SteemProjects

20th March: Chronicle


Category: Other

Description: Chronicle (chronicle.rb) is a script that allows you to post with full access to all of the options available on the blockchain. Some of these options are not available in the normal web UI. For instance, you can set a maximum payout of $5 or upvote your post with any percent.

Chronicle page on SteemProjects

21st March: sob


Category: E-commerce

Description: This script (sob.rb) allows you to automatically post and update OpenBazaar listings on the STEEM blockchain.

sob page on SteemProjects

22nd March: Hello Nurse


Category: Bot

Description: Hello Nurse (hello_nurse) is a bot that will transfer money to Dr. Otto bots when you vote a certain way. For example, you can configure this bot to watch for 1% votes by you, and when that happens, transfer 2 SBD to your favorite pay-for-vote bot. The memo will be set to the post that got a 1% upvote.

Hello Nurse page on SteemProjects

23rd March: STINGY Token


Category: Other

Description: We award STINGY tokens to the earliest voters who downvote a post that would have otherwise been on Trending. It determines a) that a post was going to get a large payout and b) was instead downvoted to zero by the time payout arrived.

STINGY Token page on SteemProjects

24th March: sbds_tests


Category: Programming Tool

Description: Tests for sbds (Steem Blockchain Data Service) - it's already a great way to ingest the STEEM blockchain into a local database that any app can utilize.

sbds_tests page on SteemProjects

25th March: Steem Blacklist Notifier

Team: @themarkymark


Category: Browser extension

Description: The Blacklist Notifier is a simple plugin that checks the Global Blacklist API when you visit a post, comment, or profile of a Steem user on all of the popular Steem front ends and notifies you if they are on a blacklist.

Steem Blacklist Notifier page on SteemProjects

26th March: !sources

Team: @themarkymark & @sources


Category: Bot

Description: If a curator (or spam fighter, or anyone really) finds content that is plagiarized or improperly sourced, they simply can type !sources and a well written and formatted response to gently remind the author of proper sourcing of all non-public domain 0 (CC0) content.

!sources page on SteemProjects

27th March: moonSTEEM

Team: @moonsteem


Category: Game

Description: moonSTEEM - A simple crash game built on steem blockchain. By using the provably-fair concept, eliminates the trust issue and potential defiance (between the house - operator - and the players) in online gambling. Additionally, by storing all informations on the blockchain in an immutable way, it allows players to go back in time as far as they want to control that the house respects its provably-fair engagements.

moonSTEEM page on SteemProjects

28th March: !popcorn

Team: @themarkymark & @popcornexpress


Category: Bot

Description: There is always drama on Steem(it). You always want to post a popcorn gif, but who wants to search for one and copy it and then paste it. Just type !popcorn and Popcorn Express will deliver one out of 40+ handpicked awesome popcorn gifs right to your comment!

!popcorn page on SteemProjects

29th March: BlockTrades Steem Account Creator

Team: @blocktrades & @blocktrades-help


Category: Account Creation Tool

Description: Allows you to quickly buy a Steem account and fill it with Steem using a variety of cryptocurrencies.

BlockTrades Steem Account Creator page on SteemProjects

30th March: 1Ramp

Team: @rajatdangi, @vikonomics, @ansarimofid, @bxute, @singhpratyush, @the-dragon & @the1ramp


Category: Generic Steem Interface

Description: 1Ramp is crafted for creators. On 1Ramp, you can join communities of your interest, write blogs, share photos, and engage with the fellow creators. Communities on 1Ramp: Art, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Literature, Music, Photography, and Travel.

1Ramp page on SteemProjects

31st March: steemconnect4j

Team: @bxute & @hapramp


Category: Programming tool

Description: steemconnect4j is an SDK for using SteemConnect v2 (SC2) API in Java-based projects like Android, Jetty, etc. It provides simple methods to interact with the Steem blockchain using access token received from the SteemConnect API.

steemconnect4j page on SteemProjects


We are replaying to comments so if you have any questions - ask them! You can also join Wise Team on Discord or contact @lukmarcus about content directly on

Steem on!


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