SteemProjects: Dozens of new Apps and Tools! New content moderator, new goals...

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It's been some time since my last post about SteemProjects and I hope you didn't forget about the biggest directory of apps, sites and tools built by Steem community. Currently we have 388 projects in our database and this number is still growing.

News and goals

We are proud to announce (if you haven't seen it already) - link to Steem Projects is listed in "the other" right menu, so now even more people can find us easily.


From now on adding new projects and accepting them should be faster with our new content manager @lukmarcus. If you have any questions about project submission you can contact him directly on or join our SteemProjects channel and ask there.

Currently we have 3 main goals:

  1. Find and add as many new projects as possible.
  2. Verify all project drafts added by users and be up to date with new ones.
  3. Check older projects for the newest informations.

These goals are just as important and our content moderator @lukmarcus tries to do all of them. But the things most seen to the outside are new projects and recently new entries were added to SteemProjects database. They are listed below:

New Steem Interfaces


A place where is information sharing network that works with communities, it provides them a steem interface and you can earn STEEM.

by @hakancelik



Application build for people to enjoy the additional source of monetization. The design of dlike is based on popular social media platform - Pinterest.

by @certseek

Głodni Wiedzy

Dedicated Steem user interface for displaying content of selected users.

by @nicniezgrublem


HEDE is a Wiki Platform and collaborative Knowledge Sharing Dictionary where you share information about anything in the universe by first defining it.

by @ercu



Memeit.LOL is a creative platform you can use to create your own meme and post it on the Steem Blockchain.

by @gktown

Musing is a question and answer platform built on top of Steem.

by @musing is a simple activity feed for steem accounts. You can follow your own profile page to see what's happening to your account in the network.

by @emrebeyler


Question and answers site about coding to help developers.

by @ektorcaba

Account Creation Tools

  • Steemfounders by @nicniezgrublem and @santarius

    Steemfounders allows you to publish your first post here without having an account. Try to make it as good as possible - at Steemit we reward interesting creators and it will depend on how quickly your account will be created (however, it should not take longer than 24 hours)

New Bots

  • CN-Malaysia Bot by @superoo7,

    This bot will check for a certain tag. In my use case, the bot watch for #cn-malaysia and check the content of the post wether it contains a minimum preset ratio of chinese words. If the user does not post chinese words more than a certain ratio, the bot will comment on the user's post as a reminder about motive of #cn-malaysia.

  • Community Bot by @emrebeyler,

    A welcome bot for local communities

  • contestBot by @superoo7,

    This is a bot that watch for a certain tag and announce it at Telegram Broadcast Channel.

  • Curobot by @emrebeyler,

    Your personal curation bot on the steem network. It automatically casts votes for the selected users' posts. You can set your vote weight, vote delay in minutes per account.

  • Deutschbot by @emrebeyler,

    Deutschbot is a discord/steem bot curators content in the steem blockchain.

  • espoem_facts by @emrebeyler,

    An @espoem fact bot on steem blockchain.

  • LuckyBet by @pjau,

    Bet on the STEEM Blockchain. The game is simple, you choose your difficulty, then guess a number!

  • statBot by @superoo7,

    statBot is a utility discord bot with features like cryptocurrency price check, cryptocurrency conversion rate (between crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat), and some query check into SteemSQL to get performance of a tag and delegator.

  • Steemally by @ektorcaba,

    From Steemally you can set an auto post for your user, this get from your account the last recording and share it on Steem as your post in various tags without you interact with it, all is made automatically.

  • steemanywhere_bot by @hakancelik,

    Telegram bot. It's purpose is to do everyting about

  • Steemule by @ektorcaba,

    From Steemule you can set an auto post for your Smule user, this get from your Smule account the last recording and share it on Steem as your post in various tags without you interact with it, all is made automatically.

  • Stephard by @superoo7,

    Stephard bot is a discord bot that automate task for prevent abuse checking quality of content in post promo channel.

  • Tagbot by @emrebeyler,

    Tagbot is an upvote bot, upvotes posts with a specific tag based on pre-defined parameters.

  • thanks by @emrebeyler,

    A "thanks" bot for witnesses to thank their voters after their vote.

  • turbot by @emrebeyler.

    Simple upvote bot. This bot is not the best bot available and it won't be. it's pretty miserable at the moment as you can see from its eyes in the logo. But it can be a good starting point for potential steem blockchain developers.

New Data Tools

New Programming Tools

New Trading Tools

  • SwapSteem by @swapsteem.

    SwapSteem is a peer to peer exchange, similar to With increasing number of users on this platform, we have felt a strong need for a peer to peer exchange to convert Steem and SBD directly to different fiat countries, provided with secure escrow transactions in moderation of varius influencial steem escrow agents for the respective country or currency.


  • DCR Tools by @zygibo,

    Dlive Chat Reader is a Stream-Labs application with OBS windows that contains: Chat with TTS, Steemit Comments with TTS, Upvote and Donate notifications, Followers counter, Rolling upvoters bar and more...

  • Steemee by @petermail.

    Notification desktop app that will show you a new article worthy of your attention. You choose a category to follow and all articles with that tag will be searched and you will be notified of only those posts that have active authors who respond to comments and upvote others.


We have plans for systematic updates about new projects and changes made to old ones. There will be also posts made by @lukmarcus about testing Steem projects and looking at them from an average user's point of view. Texts, movies, compares and statistics - let's hope it all will work and we will get a feedback from all of you.

So... see you soon!

How you can help SteemProjects?

If you want to support further development of SteemProjects, please consider upvoting this post, and also voting for our noisy.witness. Your vote will help us pay for servers, will allow us spend more time on fixing bugs, programming new features and also making sure, that database of SteemProjects is always up to date.



How about giving the user the ability to review each app with a star system? It would add content to each page, get people engaged and give more information about the development...creators would be able to engage and answer questions. (Kind of like what does.

We must remember that apps are not like movies, books or games - they change in time. So for example you can give someone 1 star for project that doesn't work but it can be updated in few hours/days and it will work like 5 star... But there will be still your vote with 1 star. Rating is only fair when directed into one certain version of app - but how to check the current version for many projects?

really important comment. On other hand, Google Play Store, Wordpress somehow handles that...but for sure, this needs to be taken into account when planning this features... that this will not be as easy as it first sounds

Google Play and other shops like that work differently than SteemProjects. When someone is uploading new version of app to their store, all opinions automatically are signed as older versions. But since there is no upload on SteemProjects and in many cases we can't tell what's the real and current version - how can we tell what version was used by user?

edit: Maybe there should a text field with version number and date of last check?

I second that idea. ✌️

TIMM has been submitted. The first time it was submitted, there was an error. After trying again, the page seems to just refresh, with no confirmation that it was actually submitted. Subsequent attempts were the same.
What to do?

Contact me on - we had some problems with adding new content (error pages).

Thanks, you can find more about my Steemee notification app here:

Do you have a better version of your logo?

Hello, there are really nice projects, thank you for talking about me and my projects, but coogger's definition is misspelled, coogger has been updated and hence its definition has changed.

Definition of coogger;

A place where is information sharing network that works with communities, it provides them a steem interface and you can earn STEEM.

Example ; is another community that works with coogger ecosystem.

Thank you again.

now should be ok :)

Yeah thank you :)

There is so much going on. It is good to have a single portal that lists them all. Thanks for your efforts.

Application build for people to enjoy the additional source of monetization.

about Dlike..what do you mean additional source ? in addition to what..posting on Steemit ?

DLike is an alternate for sites like Pinterest - so I guess it's additional source in addition to other websites.

your post is very great friend. my upvote. image

I have just added my project into a bot sections.
Hopefully it will be reviewed soon.

By the way. seems to respond with 502.

I will look into your bot as soon as possible.

I will try to contact creator of

very good and interesting information I really like the application of steem project and create an advanced application this year, good luck always @noisy.

The amount of development on this blockchain never fails to amaze me

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