My talk about on SteemFest²

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This year I had a pleasure on stage during a SteemFest and I an opportunity to talk about my current venture.

The title of presentation was: "SteemProjects - what it is going to be and 5 reasons why I am working on it right now", and it was short version of longer article: SteemProjects - what it is going to be and 8 reasons why I am working on it right now.

You can find slides from presentation here:

By the way, if you are not aware yesterday was pre-released what means that people can now on their own add any Steem-related projects to the website.

Please add your project and please share this article with an owner of your favorite project.

If you want to be notify about final release, please create account on and add SteemProjects to your favorites projects :)



oh great news. Thanks!

Great news for all steemit user..... thanx for sharing us

@noisy : In this case, I am just think that, who spoke on stage
SteemFest Lisbon only some people only. It is good:
@ned @roelandp @ good-karma and some of them.
I do not know you either take part on top
the stage. Emmm. I new to see this, this is very surprising
I like this... Thank you @noisy for publish your video here.

I really like the idea of SteemProjects, it's remind me a Product Hunt, one place to find and promote ideas and great tools. I keep my fingers crossed!

PS. Slides URL doesn't work, 404 :)

I keep my fingers crossed!

Thank you @jamzed! :)

PS. Slides URL doesn't work, 404 :)

Please check it now: PS. Slides URL doesn't work, 404 :)

it wasn't public before

great news. thanks

Świetna idea i dobry występ, powodzenia w rozwijaniu projektu :)

Great presentation,
I m learning something new about Steem every day :) - I didn't know that Steem is open protocol, and some new applications can be built on top of it. And I ve checked other Steem interfaces created by now: wow looks exciting the whole idea. So I can sum up, Steem is even better than I thought.

Dzenkuje bardzo :P

Świetna prezentacja i super pomysł !!!!

nice program. hopefully steemit growing. Great your post.

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