SteemProjects - what it is going to be and 8 reasons why I am working on it right now.

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Maybe you have noticed in my previous post about a python library which I've developed for SteemConnect, a reference to SteemProjects which I currently working on.

What SteemProjects is going to be?

Well... as could describe it as a public directory of all Steem apps and tools, but...



... but I believe that such description is not telling the whole story.

Today I would like to very briefly describe why I am working on this project and what this project is going to be. I believe, that if you will understand my goal, then you will be able to understand a vision behind SteemProjects.

1. I want to help users to find best tools for their needs

Steem for me is a freedom of choice. I do not need to use Steemit to take advantage of all best features of Steem blockchain. There are so many alternatives build on top of Steem, like Busy, chainBB, Steemiz, eSteem, and many many others. But which is the best?

Of course, for every user, there can be a different answer because we are all different. I would like to give a tool to people, which would provide a comparison of selected features.

2. I want to improve communication between Steem users and Steem Apps Developers

How many times have you encountered an application which was not bad, but would be much better if it only had one more feature? Users should not only have a place, where they can write their suggestions, but those place should be also easy to manage. The developer should be aware how important particular feature is to users. Users should be able to vote on those suggestions, and those suggestions should be gathered in one place.

You may think about this as something that would also have a role of uservoice for Steem applications:


3. I want to make more visible the greatest asset of Steem: Community!

Steem is a great piece of technology, but it would be worth nothing without the people which are a part of it. I am a software developer and nowadays people like me very often work in teams with a Scrum Master. 2 years ago, I had a pleasure to work with Iza, which was a scrum master of our team back then. I remember when once after a demo for a client on a retrospection she tried to explain to us, how we can increase the satisfaction of our client from our development.

The conclusion was simple: it doesn't matter how great your work is if you are unable to present the result of it to your client, in the best possible way.

I want to show to the world, how many great Steem projects are out there and provide a data about how hard our community is working to increase its value.

4. I would like to see Steem Applications which are looking good and have a great design and UX

I am a software developer and I am a terrible graphic designer. Nevertheless, I believe that good design of the application is a way to respect users. Very often applications are looking bad not because the author of them do not want them to make prettier, but because he does not have a skills - like me - to change that.

Software Development is a team game. If you want to create something great and you want to do it fast it is much better to have a team of people which are working together to achieve a common goal. But finding a perfect team-mate is very often extremely difficult.

I believe, that we need a directory of developers, graphic designers, testers and different specialist with a proven record of work, which could be used by all projects as a database of potential new team members. If you need a graphic designer who knows Steem very well, why not first just take a look at people who already worked on different Steem project?

There are projects which I am in love with, and I would like to be notified about every progress which those projects made. I would like to know what are the most beloved Steem projects.

5. I want to help to show what is going on under the hood

Value of Steem network grows in two cases: when Steemians do not want to sell STEEM below market price, or when new investors want to buy STEEM above market price. In both cases people need to make a decision, whether STEEM is a good investment for near/long future.

It is important how Steem ecosystem looks right now, but for many people (including me) it is more important how it will look like in upcoming weeks and months.

I would like to show to the people how active developers of all Steem projects are. People should now, that something is coming if something is under heavy development.

6. I would like to help build awareness how important it is to have open-source projects

Let's face it. An average Joe or even average Steem user probably do not know what an Open-Source is. I believe, that every Steem project should be open source, because:

  1. Without that, it is almost impossible to examine the security of particular project (we do not want users to lose funds!

    Remember this?
    If this project would not be open-source, some people could lose a lot of money.

  2. Some projects are abandoned, and nothing is left
    Remember this?
    This app was never created, despite receiving 10k in rewards. If this project would be open source, then at least someone else could help or in worst case scenario, create a new project using parts of this project.

  3. Open-source projects are developed much faster because everyone can help.

  4. Every open-source steem project is another example which is very useful to new developers. I like to learn from examples. Do you?

On SteemProjects website I would like to let people know, that is is much better for Steem Community when a project has open sources.

7. I would like to give developers another way to monetize their projects

Steem is great because thanks to Reward Beneficiaries features a lot of interfaces of Steem have a way to monetize their projects. This is great for projects which actually helps users publish something (a post or a comment), but many other apps try to help a user in a different way.

90% of Steem projects cannot use this monetization method. Developing a good project takes time and tons of money. It is much less likely, that developer will start working on a project if there will be no way to at least cover cost of development.

Of course, a developer can (and should in my opinion) write frequent updates about the project and he can be reworded from those posts, but the problem is, that such posts need to compete with all other kinds of posts. Steemit does not provide a tool to follow more strongly a particular account, like youtube does.

8. I would help create accountability of developers

Not everyone is a developer, some people might be wondering why some Steem projects creators are receiving so big rewards for their work. But to be honest, do we really know, how much they got for writing about those projects? Nope, we don't.

There is nothing bad, to reward someone for decent work and I would like to create a place, where information about how much particular project or a developer received, would be easy to view.

Actually I believe, that such tool could be also a great thing for advertising a Steem to new skilled programmers.

SteemProjects is under development, but it will be released soon. Please follow my account, if you don't wan't to miss an information about a release.

If you are a developer and you would like to see your application listed there, please write to me on, you will receive early access to alpha version and you will be able to add your application on your own, and all information about it.

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Steemit is yet another shining example to those who said you could never make money from FOSS

Exactly :)

// just, to clarify to other users: FOSS = Free and open-source software

@dickturpin the more I learn about crypto's the more I realize that money does grow on tree's, well it never used to, but it does now thanks to them. Exciting times ahead :)

So back in the day when Bitcoins first appeared I was pretty vocal on deriding this Funny Money
I've been way off the mark about two things loosely connected to the Open Source community.

  • Minecraft: "Why the hell would anyone want to play rubbish 8bit games?"

  • Bitcoins: "Oh yeah right, so you're saying that if enough people support it anyone can create a money system? OK, then I now say a leaf is worth a thousand pounds!"
  • If only I had accepted bitcoins (which I was offered as donations back in the day) I'd be rich beyond my wildest dreams now. ☺

    I know nothing about all this Cryptocurrency lark. I even lost $1.00 when I transferred it out of my Steemit savings to what I presume was a black hole? LOL

    I'm on the hunt for a blockchain developer now actually.
    I desperately need a partner for a great project.

    Awesome, I've been waiting for an update on the project. Good to hear it's in open alpha now!

    I tried updating the info for Spectacles earlier last week but despite logging in using GitHub I wasn't able to yet. Will that work now? I'll give it a shot when I'm back from my holiday :)

    You should be able now to add/edit your projects:


    Steemit proves that there is an alternative to ad-supported sites. That's too much of a mind-shift for some people, so they remain suspicious. We just need enough on board to kick off real growth. Having various sites/apps to access it should open it up, but I wonder if they need to make it clearer that they all use the same platform. It's not obvious on some that they are linked to Steemit. I know the team wanted to separate the site and blockchain brands, but I've not seen anything receontly

    "Steemit proves that there is an alternative to ad-supported sites. That's too much of a mind-shift for some people, so they remain suspicious"

    Good point. I agree that it is not clear that all of the apps are using the same blockchain.

    Maybe there should be a 'Built on Steem' logo for them to use with a link back to the project site.


    just an idea..

    I think that it's a great idea! Much needed for branding.

    @noisy I was thinking. We should do something like bounty hunt for bugs once we release the beta.
    Something like "Find major bug and win reward. Find major bug and work with us"

    This post was very informative thank you for sharing
    you have my upvote Steem on great post

    You are building something big to assist many others

    Love this. Great idea my man.

    my choose steemit

    And choice too ;)

    brilliant. good for you @noisy we certainly need more comms out there. great efforts.

    Are you also creating a team of Steem developers. What all the main languages you use to code, maybe I can contribute.

      ·  2 years ago (edited)

    Stack: python, django and frontend stuff (html, css/less, a little bit Angular)

    How about Node.js, any work on that?

    What if Steemit was made as a substitute to Half-life 3...
    It's glorious! Excited as hell!

    this is a great initiative.

    I hop the best to steem and thank you for all info

    Great post, i've got a much better vision of what you are trying to achieve now. I especially like the feedback element. It's definitely better than commenting on an old post or making a post of your own and hoping people see it lol.

    I like your vision. Its true...we need a platform at the same time we also need a very professional and unbiased reviewer. I been writing reviews and i know people out there to save time and resources fall back on a genuine review. The reputation of the reviewer is very important.

    unbiased reviewer.

    This is almost impossible to create unbiased review, so first I want to focus on hard data about the features:


    (*this view will be much better looking)

    First your work is amazing. Actual unbiased review has a good lifespan. We seen that in topgear. That is how they manage to get so big coz they are really brutal in their review.

    This is a worthy and exciting project!

    Steemit gonna surpass wordpress and other popular blogsites too...... here you are earning double example...
    1-you are making money easy.
    2-you are earning free of steem whose price is likely to be rise upto 10$
    in coming 4-5months

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    good job man! cant wait for more

    Great post

    your post is very useful.

    It's sad to know IOS/ANDROID native application has been abandoned!

    Who says? I have eSteem on my Android phone. Have the Steemit team announced something about their projects?

    I think, @magicstone1412 is talking about Steemy project which I used as example in post above:

    But I am not sure, if @magicstone1412 knows, that there is a for Mobile which works fine :)

    You're correct. I know eSteem. I have contributed Vietnamese language to that project!

    Thanks for sharing, noisy. Though i am not a developer, as a normal user of steemit, I am very much interested in all the development that is going on around steemit. Following, voted and resteemed. Have a nice day.

    very good

    I just want to say one word for the awesome article you shared to all of us in Steemit; wow!

    Haha awesome... keep up the good work and keep us posted with new tech and amazing updates!

    Great post,very helpful

    Looks like you are really helping the community (both technical and non-technical) - I am following you for more from you as it comes! :)

    I found you because I am investing a lot here in the form of technical knowledge, time, creativity and tech hardware as I am now a witness for Steem and I noticed that you are voting for @dantheman - but that dantheman's witness server is offline and of no use to Steem (for quite a long time as far as I can tell).
    I would really appreciate if you would support me with a vote to give me a chance to show what I can do for Steem and Steemit. I have a long background in software engineering and also in running social networks.

    My witness application post is here.