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The following is an analytical work done for an Audiovisual Direction class in my university studies, the same seeks to generate a critique from the various levels of content within a film, in this case working with 3 different works under thematic axis completely away from each other.

Film: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Director: Wes Ball
Releases: 18 September 2015
ARGUMENT: Thomas and the rest of the Clarians will have to face their greatest challenge so far: finding clues to the mysterious and powerful organization known as CRUEL. This journey will take them to "the burn", an apocalyptic place full of obstacles.

Resultado de imagen para The Maze Runner 18 septiembre 2015
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Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, is a film that transports us beyond what was seen in its first installment, in this sense we approach to know that there was outside that confinement in which our protagonists were and we give way to a world outside the labyrinth.

The film resumes the story from its final point in the previous installment, the Clarians are evacuated and arrive at the underground shelter directed by Janson who poisons their minds with sweet words, food, shelter and the constant injection of fear to prevent their flight to the outside world.
However, it won't take long for Thomas to contact Aris, a boy from another labyrinth who has started a movement to get to know the intentions of the organization and know once and for all if CRUEL is behind all this.
In this sequel, tensions are increasing and survival will make Thomas face to face while Newt prefers to bow his head and be grateful to those who feed him.

After fleeing from that place, a chase begins that takes a large part in the footage and that will make our protagonists observe the ruin to which humanity has been subjected due to solar radiation, creating an area called "the burn" without counting the countless mutations suffered by the inhabitants due to the virus nicknamed "the flash".

In this sequel you can see a drastic change in speed with respect to its predecessor, which in some ways entertains the public and gives a variability to the sequence, but there is an inability on the part of Nowlin, to adapt the times of the script, leading us to observe a very long and slow prologue and a development with situations that are too long for the message they offer, also removing clarity to key situations of the film.
It is also difficult to follow the plot of The Runner of the Labyrinth: The Tests, this is due to the lack of certain information, which despite continuing to hook people does not reveal us more clearly certain surprises that must expose the scriptwriter in the feature film. In this way, we don't know how the radiation happened, how the mutation occurs or the function it has in the story, or why CRUEL seeks to create a race at the price to get a cure.

At the level of direction, Wes Ball takes stronger reins in the matter and manages to repair certain errors seen in his first installment, where now there are no longer excessive failures of raccord and there is good chemistry between characters of the story and protagonist, fruit of an excellent acting direction.

James Dashner, the author of the novel from which this film was adapted, said that he wanted the public to have the sensation of having enough answers with this film. And also all the answers will lead to the third installment where the end of the story will be revealed and the resolutions to all his questions.

Film: The Visit
Director: M. Night Shyamalan.
Released: September 11, 2015
ARGUMENT: Tells of two brothers' weekend trip to visit their grandparents on a remote farm in Pennsylvania. When the children discover that the old couple is into something deeply disturbing, they realize that with each passing day, they are less likely to return home.

Resultado de imagen para the visit movie shyamalan
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The visit: could be counted as the attempt to return to the low-budget cinema by Shyamalan, who after being known as a great director for The Sixth Sense or The Protected, his career plummets by using more of the same in a rather poorly scripted film.

At first, the film is interesting in its essence, due to the malevolent touch that Shyamalan gives it, but this disappears very quickly after the first few minutes of delivery, where we see a mockery of horror cinema where the scenes and tricks used are the typical cliché of other authors' deliveries.

However, we must attribute the irony that exists on the basis of his leading character Rebecca, a documentary girl who thinks and acts on the basis of staging in front of his young brother Tyler who is rather influenced by reality programs. In a certain aspect, this could refer to a contemporary remake of Hansel and Gretel, two children locked up in the home of a terrifying marriage, in front of their grandparents who could only attribute to them a severe case of dementia that leads them to do everything that happens in history.

Movie: The longest distance.
Director: Claudia Pinto Emperador.
Released: August 2014
ARGUMENT: Tells of two brothers' weekend trip to visit their grandparents on a remote farm in Pennsylvania. When the children discover that the old couple is into something deeply disturbing, they realize that with each passing day, they are less likely to return home.

Resultado de imagen para la distancia mas larga
Source: link.

Traveling the Longest Distance is a repetitive feeling within the film when you are halfway through your journey, this happens when it becomes clear that Martina wishes to die on the Roraima. In the same way, the film has its weakness in a script called "recycled" that is articulated in the idea of the impossible with a child and his escape, with common and trivial dialogues. Some authors such as Jose Puglisi consider this work as plagiarism or remake of the film "The Ballad of Narayama, by master Shohei Imamura.

A clear example of this is the balance between Caracas and Roraima if the stimulus generated by Martina's return to the place where she spent her happiest moments were reinforced with better planning or that vote in favor of suicide.

In spite of this, The Longest Distance has its fundamental pillar in the chosen locations and the handling between urban and rural, in addition to a production that allows emotional development, successes that tend to give in the key point of the spectator more than nevertheless one must always have in clear the ups and downs of the script.

Particularly the film gives you the message of "We are all free to choose our destiny" and is a message that has received great criticism and acceptance in different parts of the world, which allows its wider dissemination and removes a little weight to the script work because the message it wanted to give from the beginning was welcomed by the audience.

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"La Distancia más Larga" la vi varias veces, fue una película que me cautivó desde el primer momento. No conocía la crítica de presunto plagio, interesante conocerla, gracias por incluir el dato. De cualquier modo, es una obra que permite reflexiones profundas. Una de las veces la vi con mi padre a cielo abierto en la noche, en la Concha Acústica de Bello Monte, Caracas. Muy buen artículo, saludos!

gracias ginette! que bueno saber que te guste. Y si, La distancia más larga tuvo una fuerte critica pero no la quita de la lista de peliculas por ver si eres un cineasta empedernido

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