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RE: @Art-Venture traditional Art contest: “Seascape”. Win 50 Steem!

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Hi @stef1

The competition you are now launching sounds good.
The competition I made for you goes out, but I can be a sponsor of the new you store with 10 Steem

If you haven't renewed their 5000SP delegation (4 weeks for 80 Steem) I can do it if you want


Thank you @xpilar for your offer, you have done so much for the project and you are great supporter of Artist community. We thought to do on regular basis such competition at least once a month, depending how active the people will be and how much we would be able to donate for it. We appreciate you for such gesture and would be happy for your support of new Contests.

Also If you happy to take over the leasing we will be glad to do it with you. That is a great news and thank you for your help. Cheers, @stef1 and @myskye

5000SP (4 weeks for 80 Steem) is done

10 Steem, sponsor in competitions is done

Thank you :)

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