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where do our domestic cats come from?

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Our domestic cat descends from the North African wildcat (felis sylvestris lybica).We know this through extensive DNA and behavioral research.These ancestors of our cat lives in North Africa and the Middle East and is a highly territorial, solitary and opportunistic hunter with a great repertoire of special traits and habits.Like any successful hunter, this wildcat developed a specific range of forms of communication, ways of dealing with conflicts, hunting skills and behaviors adapted to life in various habitats (steppe, savannah, forest, desert) and under different conditions.However,

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the North African wildcat also has its limitations.This cat species is difficult to deal with with other cats because they have not evolved in the group and their adaptability in that area is lacking.This also ensures that cats in the felis sylvestris lybica family are extremely stress-sensitive animals.It is important to know that your domestic cat looks like its ancestor as two drops of water, with the same intuitions, needs, preferences and expectations.So whether your cat is a British shorthair, a Sacred Birman with blue eyes or a purebred asylum cat, each of them carries that same suitcase.The (self-) domestication of the domestic cat is a fairly recent process in which the cat gradually abandons her ferocious solitary existence with few sources for an abundance of food, in return she has to be tolerant towards other cats and people.And this is perfectly possible, of course with individual differences.In fact, when all environmental factors are optimal, the cat can enter into strong social ties with other cats.

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