SteemPress: What it is, How it Works and How it Can Benefit YOU

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Last night the awesome @suesa got in touch with me to enquire if I would be interested in hearing about a new dev project that could be of great benefit to The Writers' Block, and Steem writers in general. Naturally, I agreed and was put in touch with @fredrikaa. @rhondak and I as co-admins joined him in voice chat on our Discord server and heard all about the project. Needless to say, we were very excited. It fits in perfectly with other plans we will be discussing at our Gatlinburg meetup in a few weeks.

So, what is SteemPress?

Put simply, SteemPress is a * free * WordPress plugin which allows you to post from WordPress to the blockchain, automatically converting your post to markdown. The plugin also allows you to schedule posts, delay posting to protect your SEO, define your tags and by default links back to your blog from Steem. Further information, and a download link, can be found HERE.

What about that * free * business Muxxy?

The SteemPress team uses benefactor rewards to help run the project and is currently set to 15%, lower than the 25% that both Dtube and Utopian take. We at The Writers' Block fully endorse the idea that devs on the blockchain deserve to earn an income from their projects and as such we fully support SteemPress with this.

Anything more I should know?



Why yes, glad you asked. Check out today's post from @steempress-io. In it you will discover that the team has been delegated a massive 1 million SP! How are they going to use it? Simple - they will seek out quality authors who use their plugin and reward their posts. The team will also be trailing quality curators, voting on content that uses Steempress, thereby increasing the curation rewards for these curators. The team is also working on a dedicated search tool to help seek out quality content.

How it could benefit you



Why post twice if you already have WordPress and Steem blogs? This plugin saves you the time and, while working with Steemcleaners and their blacklist, and by using the default option to link back to your blog, @cheetah shouldn't be bothering you. I have been assured by @fredrikka that so far no users have been unjustly flagged by steemcleaners.

A lot of people find markdown too much of a headache. What this plugin would allow you to do is to write your post in the WordPress editor, making formatting your text easier, and then convert the HTML to markdown for you.

What about the blogger that likes to be in control of how their content is presented? WordPress blogs can be infinitely customized with unique looks and a multitude of plugins to add functionality. Some find the blockchain and communities surrounding it a bit daunting. This plugin can introduce regular WordPress authors to the marvels of Steem.

Why WordPress?

Did you know that 75 million websites run WordPress, which makes up 27.5% of all global websites? 30% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress and its global content share is 60.2%. Each and every day some 50,000 WordPress sites come online and every month 409 million readers view WordPress blogs.

Want to learn more?

Of course you do, exciting - right? Hop on over to the SteemPress Discord server to speak with the dev team: @fredrikaa and @howo.

But Wait...There's More!

To be able to use plugins with a WordPress hosted site, you need to upgrade to their business plan, which costs an extraordinary $20 per month, billed annually. The better route is to self host your own WordPress site and to have full control.


The Writers' Block is proud to be able to extend a very special offer to our full members. $25 - payable in Steem - will grant our members a full year of WordPress site hosting. That's it! No hidden costs, nothing! Get in touch with @rhondak to get set up.


Are you a writer or keen to learn? Do you wish to join a community of like-minded individuals who can help hone your writing skills in the fields of fiction, non-fiction, technical, poetry, or songwriting? Join us at The Writers' Block by clicking the logo below.


Thank you for introducing @steempress-io and for being so collaborative. I'm convinced we can bring a lot of value to the writers of this community and mutually benefit from working together :)

Anyone who has any questions about SteemPress is welcomed to ask me or @howo either here or on Discord.

Awesome! The World's are coming together. @fredrikkaa, Great to see you and your work getting some well deserved recognition. It'll be great to see it help out the numerous authors we have on the TWB.

Thank you for introducing it to us yesterday, we are very excited about this plugin and its future development!

Thank you for your post. :) I have voted for you: 🎁! To call me just write @contentvoter in a comment.

This is very very exciting news.

Very interesting and I wil definitely be using this!

Actually going to give this a shot this week with one or two posts at my blog. I ended up kind of stopping my blogging on there for the last year when I found steemit it just made sense. But perhaps this will reinvigorate my blog on my own domain!

This is fantastic. I've already passed the information on to anyone I know that has a Wordpress blog. Some are on Steemit, but I suspect that others who either didn't want to bother with double posting or who were skeptical of Steemit might consider this avenue as a way to further monetize their content.

Keep up the great work @fredrikaa!

Hmm, I may be interested in this!

This is really usefull. Thank you guys.

Thanks for the great project. I was used wordpress before however, due to high cost of hosting and other requirement to stay safe, I shift to blogger to cost cut. Would you consider blogger someday?

This is a brilliant idea and one I'll be sure to take full advantage. You know, once I'm less impoverished. I have a domain name but that's about all I can afford at the moment, haha.

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I will definitely be checking into the site to see what the plug-in has to offer and help me grow.

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