The priceless gift – OUR HANDS

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Hello dear Steemians,


My today’s post a bit different I just wanted to chat, that is sometimes that we want to share something and I have such moments when I have my long shifts and this is again the time for my long weekend to be oncall.

When I think back and remember myself as a little child I think about all the little things I loved to do I liked to build little houses from wet sand, I knew how to form the sand, how much pressure to apply so that it is not broken and was proud to resent the result to my parents.

When we were a bit grown up pencil and paper were my best friends, I started to draw and loved to spend hours with that.

From that time on I knew that I want to do something with my hands and later on when I had to decide what specialty of medicine to choose I decided immediately Surgery.





When I think about all these I have to say the hands play very important part of my life. With the time when we learn our skills in any field will get better through practicing like performing Surgery in the beginning when it took me much longer time for suturing and now it is something that happens automatically.

We feel with our hands and interpret with our mind, I remember when one of our colleague has broken his wrist and was asked “just to do outpatient clinic” but how he suppose to diagnose without examination?




We accept our skills as ordinary but in reality there is some special and precious tools our hands in my case I also love to create something with my hands and one of the hobby that I dedicate a lot of my free time is drawing and painting. Talking about hand I just recalled that picture that I wanted to share with you, the time when I was drawing.




When I recall my first drawings of course the subject of hands were there already and I had very good model who were creating something delicious with his little hands, my little son when he was about 3 years old and baking a cake, of course I had to capture it.




Another nice hobby that I am able to perform with just using finger for knitting, so that within few minutes you have such an elegant knitted scarf, maybe for your date :)



But if you start using the knitting with knitting needle you can create such beauty like that, of course I decided to use Celtic pattern that just reminds me on the time of Elves.





I hope you enjoyed this journey and do not forget what kind of treasure you have, maybe then you will discover one or other interesting hobby too.




thank you for viewing :-)








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You are very creative dear Stef:) There is a lot of truth in your words, we use our hands to write at our computer or do a manual labour and we think there are simple tools. In reality if we break our everyday pattern and do sth new and creative with them we realize the true potential. Also it helps us relax our mind which is very important:)

Thank you for your thoughts about this subject that I really love and adore. When I read "relax our mind" that reminds me how in the evening I am sometimes just watching some TV program and knitting, that is almost like a meditation for me. It is a pity that we do not use this opportunity to get 100% from that gift of mother nature :)

It was sth that i really understood when i started making digital collages. A lot of the satisfaction went away because i was not using my hands anymore. Things were easier but sth was missing.


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Wow, you’re a surgeon. I’m impressed that you find time and energy to do wonderful paintings as well and to curate as well 🙏🏽

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Yes, that is my daily work and I am glad that I am in a field where once again I can do something with my hands, really enjoying it. My first dream when I was a child was to become an artists and probably now I am living my dream. Better later than never :)

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