Time Flies Fast

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It is August 31 today. All I can say is:

Time Flies Fast.

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When September comes, my feeling is that this year is over. Let's see what will happen in the next few months.

In September, we have a holiday (Labor Day). After this long weekend, only three weeks left for September. So September goes fast.

October is one of the best months in the year. It is getting cooler but not cold. Trees turn yellow and the world is so colorful. A disadvantage is that there is no holiday in October. But taking a vacation in October would be a good idea.

When November comes, everyone looks forward to the Thanksgiving holiday. Although I am not a turkey fan, let's see what is on sale on Black Friday.

Now the holiday season is finally here. Just relax and enjoy the Christmas break.

See, when it is September, we can conclude that 2018 is now gone.

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Additionally, no one was labouring in July & August. So 2018 had already gone 2 months ago~


Happy 2019!


Yeah! New year, new dress!

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My brother 所 say very yes!