Different Style of the Pillar in Taebongsa Temple, Iksan

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Even though Taebongsa Temple was not a large one, there were interesting things. What attracted me was the pillar of Myeong Bu Jeon Hall sitting by the Main Hall, Daewungjeon Hall.

Myeogbujeon is a different name of Jijangjeon where people pray for the dead.

It seemed to be built not for a long time ago.


As getting closer, I could see those simple steps. The round shape stone poll looked different style.


What really made interesting was the pillars of half wood and half stone.

Usually, the pillar was made by the wood. But in this hall, the pillar consisted of the two parts. In my memory, it was the first time to see this style.

P8240165.JPG P8240187.JPG

People can say why this style is special, but in traditional architecture, changing a method and the material is really a matter of importance.

In my guess, they seemed to use the stone materials to prevent the corrosion of the pillar from the water.

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Some of the temples are not the largest or the most interesting. And especially the temples are made attractive.!

However, this temple looks like it is a very ancient temple.

Sehr schöne Bilder
Grüße aus Deutschland
// 1,2,3, gute Laune //

Very nice picture
Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Dead body brought to those temples?

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I can imagine what you mean with building up using different materials, thinking about the past and knowing how vulnerable wood is without treatment and how easy it could be destroyed with moist soil, water etc. it is understandable that those people tried to think out something and maybe that was it a combination of stone and wood, actually it looks really nice this way because of originality. I like those shutter on windows, they still let the light to penetrate but even though it might be still enough protection from light in hot days :)

I haven't seen anything like this

Some great things to discover yet again from there thanks for sharing them

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