Our Story – Mandelsage Challenge Week Three

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This is part 3 of our contribution to @mandelsage's challenge to increase human engagement on Steemit. We are winding through the story of how we found each other and showing some of the situations that brought us back together. I don't know how many more of these we should do on this subject, and we should probably pick up the pace of the timeline a bit, but there's still some juicy bits to come. I don't want to leave too many spoilers, but it all works out in the end and we have a good bit of fun along the way.

This video was recorded during our SUMMER SLAM 2018 vacation, while we were at the Opal Beds. I'm sure you will feel the mystical healing properties of the opally goodness just by watching this video. Right to the end. Slackers.

Cheers and adios from week 3!

Oh, and we want to thank @jedau and @randomli for toeing up to the line for this challenge. You can catch their video HERE.

We would like to nominate @rhondak and @tarc to let us know a bit about what they do. We would also like to hear from @davemccoy.

Oh and here's the comparison photo:

"My friend had just purchased his first tattoo gun and was giving out free tattoos. Apparently, the ink that came with his starter kit did not react well with my skin and I got an infection. Not hepatitis or anything like that, but my body pushed back and got very irate. No, I didn't want Bodyrock in the banner and I wanted it to look like stone."

Chris Bird 2018

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You guys are really a trip! I love how you can complete your own sentences and know the same jokes even before they're told... Very cool personality on both of you! And its great to hear the story of how the next great comedy team was formed and I'm now looking forward to the next episode so make sure to link me! :P

ps... very cool that you just pick up and get in the van and go on your vacation. It looks like you had a great time and what a wonderful way to spend your trip (so close together, plus also in the wild looking for minerals!)... could it be any better? Keep the pics, you will love to remember it when you get my age!

I have a hard time believing that you are any older than we are.

@profanereviews yes... keep that thought up :P ... And fyi, as you get older, you still think like you are younger... I could go to college if my wife would let me stay in a dorm :P

Thanks @davemccoy , we are very low-maintenance people, and we are also super broke which makes the thought of sleeping in a truck way more appealing than paying mad cash for hotel rooms, or even busting out $30 for a legit campsite. We have to be renegades-on-a-dime.

@reactionaries I completely understand and can totally appreciate that. I admire people that can just have fun... I myself don't mind being a renegade on a dime either :D

Really sweet of you guys to share this story. Nice hearing it. :)

Thanks for reading and commenting new friend! I will hold off on any snarky comments until you learn that I am secretly a nice person hiding inside a monster. :)

prepares a corner to huddle up and cry in
Alright hit me.

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If you keep upvoting my posts like this, people are going to talk.
Nevermind, let them talk....

Also...can you believe NO ONE mentioned the tattoo??!!? I mean honestly, it's outrageous that a 'friend' permanently maimed someone on purpose.

Man you guys rock! Cheers for the story. :)

Thank you @ange.nkuru for dropping by to watch our (too-long) video and for leaving a nice comment. :) :) :)

Rodeo nights!! Wooo ... lol

Oh c'moooonn, now I'm going to forever what The Incident was... ;P

Looking forward to the next part! ^^

By the way, did you notice the odd vid/audio desynch?

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