How much a person loves a person How beautiful this animal is

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How much a person loves a person How beautiful this animal is? Her eyes are also very beautiful and her hair is too long How much is the love between them?

Both of them are heading with them

I have never imagined how much love is a human beast
The girl has taken a cloth on her head

How beautiful is the eyes of the horse The horse has closed his eyes

This horse is so beautiful now People also ride a horse
And how beautiful the eyes of the girl are, her eyes are closed

The girl is tied up with her hand
I love myself too much

I love a lot of animals I love them a lot and at the top

There are four horses in my house I have enjoyed them a lot. I am very pleased

I feel very scared when I ride this horse because it runs with a lot of speed and I
I'm scared of horses as it runs fast I fall down

My father had four horses for someone

Very expensive My Papa had a horse
Horses have also closed their eyes and the girl has also closed their eyes
The genius man looks so beautiful together

This was the story of the horse and the girl Was a animal and human story

It's a girl She has a very big hair How tall and beautiful hair are Face too much how much face it

How many dear are her hands and how many dear are her lips

Black color she is wearing clothes In black clothes I like so much and I wear it very much

The boy has put his hand on the lip like it is too much annoyed
I think this girl would love someone and he could have left it because of this it keeps doing a lot

People in love get too much pain in the affection so much pain

Love is a very nice and cute name

When someone loves to love and he never ends when humans end up with my love

I loved myself a boy He used to work in the US

And earning more than one million in a month She loved me and i love her two years

Our engagement was also But she did not marry me from the house marriage from her family

Weren't ready but not married to him
He was passing a bus time with me

I have always gotten in love in love, never loved me

He was playing with me just playing with my love

Very sad and hurt and leaving me I always think why he left me because the reason could have talked to anyone till today

I miss Herpl Slad I don't even come sleep well I have left now and do not call now calls but does not have the life

This is the story of my love And this story is also the same pain to this girl with this girl
Why do people leave this love to love

How beautiful are these flowers and every color in this color are

How cute dear these flowers are looking for and every color in I like flowers very much

The flower is a very beautiful name These flowers are too much more people in the houses of people

These flowers give too much fragrance
People use the fragrance fragrance in a lot of things

Flowers is a very sweet blessing of Allah There are a lot of plants in my house that flowers

My family likes too much flowers But I like the rose flower too much

And the color of the rose flower is very cute Red Clr

You would like to guys a lot of people to tell me who you like to Who do people like their perfume

There is a lot of flowers of flowers There are too many plants in my school flowers

I have a lot of fond of flowing

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Hai @rabiagilani, Where do you come from?

From Lahore Dear

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Which country?

I am from Aceh, Indonesia

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