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We are currently running an event on steem where we try to create 250 new minnows in a month. A minnow being someone that has 500+ SP.
You can read more about the initiative here

I noted from your accounts that if you powered up your liquid steem you would become a minnow. That’s such a milestone and would put you in one of the top 1 % of steem power holders.

Did you know that, at the current level, there is only enough steem for 300,000 people in the world to hold 1000 STEEM each.

I hope you will consider powering up. It will be good for you and good for STEEM. Let me know 😉



Hi @paulag,
I need my steem to keep the votes coming. It won't be long now before I reach 500sp. Thanks for the advice and support. 😄👍

you will have 500 SP if you power up, thats awesome. Do you know only 1% of accounts on steem are of minnow status or higher, I look forward to welcoming you to that 1%. heres a little vote to encourage the power up :-)

Thanks! I witness voted @steemcommunity too. I should be over 500 sp now

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