11 Reasons Why The Black Soldier Fly Larvae Will Feed The Future (And Maybe Even You)

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Say goodbye to beef, fish, or pork and Hello to the new-age food source: The Black Soldier Fly Larvae! We know, we know (insect larvae? Gross!) - but trust us, it’s the food of the future, here’s why:

1. Birth Control Doesn’t Exist With Them
On average, they typically lay 500-900 eggs per clutch!

2. Death Doesn’t Really Have a Hold on Them
They can survive being centrifuged at 200 times the force exerted by a fighter jet and survive up to two hours in pure rubbing alcohol!

3. Small Spaces Don’t Bother Them
They can thrive in very high density and even small spaces!

4. There’s No Need to Harvest Them
They leave their feeding area when they metamorphose. So if a ramp is placed in their bin with a bucket at the side, they’ll basically crawl right in and self-harvest themselves!

5. Food Isn’t a Problem With Them
They eat literally anything as long as it is not alive and is organic!

6. Growing Up is Their Forte
They grow 15,000 times their size within two weeks from hatching!

7. You Don’t Need to Worry about Cleanliness with Them
They are so clean, that even their crap doesn’t stink!
This is because their digestive system is very efficient in destroying harmful bacteria and their body emits substances that repel dirty pests.

8. The Word ‘Diet’ is Not in Their Dictionary
Because they grow so fast, they eat like twice their body weight every day- that’s a lot of nutrients!

9. They Fuel Up Energy in Them
They fatten themselves with loads of fats (energy) before they metamorphose and use that energy to burn off as fuel when they grow up.
This is because once they turn into adults, their sole priority is to reproduce and then die. So all that energy harvested in them, goes right to those who consume them.

10. Nothing is Wasted with Them
They are basically waste-free and can significantly help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions!

11. They’re Actually Yummy
Depending on how you prepare them, be it seasoned, dried, or served with a refreshing beverage, they are actually very nutritiously delicious!

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You say they're yummy... But what do they taste like without seasonings?

I've never heard of this before. Where does one get them? Are they grown by the same people who grow cockroaches and such???

Very interesting article. 👍👍👍

Hey! They taste nutty and plain without seasoning. We feel it's best to add some seasoning, garlic, paprika , salt, pepper and it'll be tasting pretty awesome.

Well, we breed them and the cockroaches are part of our R&D as well. So maybe in the future, we might be selling roaches too. Thanks for stopping by :)

That sounds good
At the moment insects as food aren't that present here in Germany but I hope that will change soon.

Ohhh, I hear it's picking up in the UK now. There is a restaurant selling real cuisines with bugs. :)

Interesting... 😄

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Is that the same larva from Rhynchophorus ferrugineus? cause some people in the eastern part of Indonesian, consider larvae from that beetle edible. From several documentaries I watched, it also said to be nutritious.

Ohh this is a totally different larvae! This is from the Black Soldier Fly. Though insects are really nutritious as well so I'm not surprised that other larvae are made for eating too.

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