Travel | Jeju Island: Seongeup Folk Village, Tangerine Farm & Black Pork Lunch, Day 2 Part 2

Day 2 Itinerary

Hotel RegentMarine Jeju Breakfast Buffet (Part 1)
Gimnyeong Yacht Tour (Part 1)
Seongeup Folk Village (Part 2)
Lunch @ 옛정의골식당 (Part 2)
Jeju Tangerine Farm (Part 2)
Seongsan Ilchulbong (Part 3)
Seopjikoji (Part 3)
Dinner @ 별내리는정원 (Stars Fall Garden) (Part 3)

Seongeup Folk Village

Old-fashioned village! I don't really have much impression towards this place. I think the government said it must be preserved before it goes extinct. There are only less than 1,000 units of these huts around this area. These huts/homes are built of thatch & lava rock. The owner greeted us with Joy and excitement. Referring to the THIRD photo, he was standing in front of the gate.

Self-Trip Guide
I don't think normal travellers would think of heading here to see traditional housings. Well, there's no entrance fee, but if you were to go in for a visit, they would recommend you to purchase goods such as 5-flavoured tea, horse bones pills (correct me if I am wrong), Jeju Honey and stuffs that you could bring back home. It may be slightly expensive so purchase at your own wish.

Address: 19 Seongeupjeonguihyeon-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea



Lunch - 옛정의골식당

This restaurant took me quite some time to find this place on Google! Everything is in the Korean Language so it's pretty hard for me to identify what is what. This is my favourite place for food in my whole Jeju Trip because

(1) It's big and manages to accommodate may people
(2) It's white in colour, and there's a cherry blossom beside this restaurant, makes it even interesting for an Insta-Story.
(3) the Black Pork is AWESOME because it's Refillable! Non-stop chewing.

Self Trip Guide
No worries about the parking, there's enough space for cars to park around. Rice and Meat are refillable! Worth the price. Recommended going with a group of people.

Address: 532-2 Seongub-ri, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea



Jeju Tangerine Farm

Just here for some photos of oranges. I think you can always get fresh oranges in the market (Dong-Mun Market, Refer Day 1 post) for a cheaper price. Not sure about you, but the only thing I love in this Tangerine Farm is the rows of Cherry Blossom outside. Awesome scenery! Can't leave without some awesome shots! Our tour guide was recommending us to get Tangerine Chocolates because it tastes good! Trust me, just go back to the Market for cheaper shopping!



Special Thanks to

Glam Suitcase Travels for everything, especially for today's lunch! I LOVE IT!
William Leong Photography for all the photos posted in all Jeju Trip Posts!

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