MinnowSmith payout 2019-08-28: 0.382 STEEM

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Payouts for 2019-08-28


Below you can see the payouts that were made for the submitted hashes! Thanks everyone for contributing to this new project; I really appreciate your feedback.

#NameHashes withdrawnRatio (H/0.001STEEM)Payout amount
1@ericburgoyne370000002000000.185 STEEM
2@raspibot250000002000000.125 STEEM
3@bryan-imhoff85000002125000.040 STEEM
4@athomewithcraig65875002125000.031 STEEM
5@curthodler2250002250000.001 STEEM

Total payout today: 0.382 STEEM

Development Changes:

  • Changing payout technology from javscript to python because it's more reliable and robust

What is MinnowSmith?

You can earn STEEM by mining XMR in your browser at https://minnowsmith.party.
To get the most out of it, read some tips here: https://steemit.com/minnowsmith/@minnowsmith/how-to-get-started-efficiently

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@minnowsmith I see that no payments have been made in awhile, is your code broken from the Hard Forks?

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