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Hey users and supporters of the minnowsmith project,

it‘s been a while since the introduction post and a lot did happen! First, I really enjoy your feedback and given ideas on how to improve the application and outcome. There where many changes and improvements already like the random upvotes for active users of the project, increased payout for long-term supporters and sponsor updates.

In this post I want to give you a more detailed description on how to use the application in an efficient way and how you can get the most out of it, because in the last days I received a couple of questions related to bonusses and how to get them.

There are two options to increase the payout by 5% each:
In addition to this there are three different „breakpoints“ for long-term supporters.
  • 5% for total submitted hashes of 10 million hashes
  • 7% for total submitted hashes of 30 million hashes
  • 10% for total submitted hashes of 50 million hashes
Random upvotes

Everytime my voting weight reaches 100% I randomly choose 8 posts (no comments) of my daily active users and upvote them with 100% for there support (currently worth 0.08$).

I still have a lot of features to add to increase the daily amount everyone can earn! If you‘d like to support me or the minnows, it would be great to get some supporters to delegate SP to @minnowsmith. This will give the upvotes more power and increases the help to rise the minnows to a decent level.

Thank you for your support


My SP is 5.4, can i delegate 1-2 to you? Or it's not recommended?

I guess that would not be beneficial for you at this point. :) But thanks for asking.

I expected this answer :)

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thanks for the good work

When is the payout (time at day)?

Usually at 10pm (european time), but because of the current node issues it can be delayed a little bit.

Ok. I am exciting to see a transfer tomorrow.

How reflected this on PC (can crash or something?) and on the bills for electricity? ;)

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