By way of reflection ... within the framework of World Habitat Day

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Today I will talk about the World Habitat Day that was held on October 1 <2018>


This year the theme is

"Cities that manage Waste well"

World Habitat Day is celebrated on the first Monday of the month of October, since 1986 when it was instituted by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization.
Habitat is the place where an organism finds what it needs to survive: shelter, food and protection. Human beings, as living organisms, in order to live and be part of the urban or rural habitat where they are settled, also require shelter, food and protection; means, place where to work and services.

The majority of human settlements in the world correspond to urban habitats. Each year in the framework of World Habitat Day, a slogan is selected as a planning guide.
This year the theme of World Habitat Day is "Cities that manage Waste well" and is dedicated to addressing the challenges in the management of municipal solid waste. In fact, it is the coresponsibility of each and every one of the citizens settled in a territorial space.

Why dedicate a day to Habitat?

According to United Nations Web Portal Human settlements are the place where we interact at a social, cultural, political and economic level. It is in this natural physical space where the human being develops as a social being. These spaces shape our way of living and, in turn, anthropic action transforms these spaces. In this sense, the consequences of anthropic action, in a natural physical space, can have a positive effect or preservation or a contaminating or devastating effect in the territory.

Affirms the United Nations Web Portal that the cities are facing demographic challenges, due to the unprecedented increase of the settlements in urban areas. This is due to the displacement of people from rural areas to cities that grow without any planning. It is projected that by the year 2030, 60% of the world population will be settled in urban areas, taking as a reference regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Organization of the United Nations created a specialized organization in the Management and Integral Development of Human Settlements, the United Nations Center for Human Settlements (UNCHS), whose purpose is to work mainly for the achievement of the right of every human being to have a place to live in peace and dignity, both in developing countries and in developed countries (Source).

Purpose World Habitat Day

The purpose of World Habitat Day is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities and on everyone's basic right to adequate housing. It also intends to remind the world that all people living in a territory have the power and responsibility to transform our cities and our towns in the future (Source).

This year, the theme is municipal waste management, which aims to emphasize the Goal 11 Sustainable Development, which focuses on reducing the negative environmental impact per capita of human settlements, prioritizing air quality and the management of municipal solid waste in order to plan and build inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities (Source).

In 2015, at the Summit for Sustainable Development, the ONU Member States approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, fight against inequality and injustice, and dealing with climate change.

According to this year's theme, in Waste Management in a territorial space, the human being must be involved from his or her local environment, whether in rural areas or urban areas; who together with the State through its Public Policies will be part of the solution because, from its action, it can positively or negatively transform its natural physical space according to the management of its waste throughout the established human settlement. Even pristine spaces must be involved since anthropic action can degrade and / or pollute these ecosystems exponentially. An analysis must be carried out that involves all the processes, factors, systems, flows, activities, natural physical space and production systems (Source).

Some Statistical Data

  • Daily, per person, 0.8 kilograms of waste are produced worldwide.

  • By 2025, the amount of waste generated is expected to triple to 5.9 million tons per year. This is a consequence of the increase in consumption in each territorial space and the inefficient and in some non-existent management strategies in waste management.

  • According to the inefficient management of waste management, the local government invests approximately 70% of its budget in tasks such as street sweeping and investment in equipment and hiring of personnel.

  • The burning of waste and the vehicles that transport them to landfills increase air pollution and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions; these emissions from solid waste represent approximately 3% of the global total.


Finish my publication with these words

The environmental problems of any ecosystem must be evaluated from all the systems involved, taking into account that all interrelation is complex and systemic, that is, that each of the variables acts structurally affecting all others and all together affect each other. When anthropic action degrades or contaminates an environmental system it is because it is altering the balance of the systems involved.




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