Observation drawing - Work in the architectural expression workshop.

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Observation drawing - Work in the architectural expression workshop.

Last semester I had the opportunity to study the subject "Workshop of Architectural Expression". It is a chair in which the student works expression as part of the design in Architecture, its different techniques, procedures and methods.

IMG_20180430_155525 (2).jpg

Observation Drawing

One of the deliveries, this is the work assigned to the students, was the "Drawing observational. "It consisted in capturing in a drawing a series of sculptures, previously assigned, located in the University City.

In this activity the evaluation, perspective, proportion, geometry, shadows and the use of color in some drawings were evaluated.

The student must master these techniques and apply them in each exercise. Before assigning this activity, we performed a series of exercises in the classroom where we studied the geometry of an object and its relationship with the environment, guidelines, own shadows and cast shadows, shape of the outline, among other aspects that should be taken into consideration when drawing an observation drawing by freehand.

The difference between capturing an observation drawing and a drawing of the imagination is that, in the observation drawing, one has to have criteria of the object to be drawn, whereas in the imagination drawing, we are simply drawing by intuition . The criteria of the observation drawing are the proposition, the position in the space and the geometry, on the other hand the drawing of imagination is where we are the ones that determine the dimensions, proportions, geometry, features and shadows.

The sculptures that we were assigned to draw were the following

The Maternity
___ My drawing of "The Maternity "___
Proportion + Valorization + Own shadows

The Amphion
___ My drawing of "The Amphion"___
Proportion + Valorization + Own shadows

The Culture
___ My drawing of "The Culture"___
Proportion + Valorization + Own shadows

Dimension in 30º
___ My drawing of the "Dimension in 30º"___
Proportion + Valorization + Own shadows
Proportion + Valorization + 3 Analog Colors

Shepherd of Clouds
___ My drawing of " Shepherd of Clouds "___
IMG_20180430_155553 (2).jpg
Proportion + Valorization + Own shadows

All the drawings were made by me, there are no photographs of the creation process since I do not have a camera or a camera phone


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The images used in the Gif are my property, all the Banners, Strips, Maquette, and Gifs, are the product of my creativity

Thanks for reading, I'll see you in a next Publication!!!

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I really like this post, @manuelramos :) The way your artistic eye reinterprets the forms and re-present them for our eyes through your sketches is very lovely :) Gorgeous post !

¡Qué mejor ejercicio para entender la volumetría que estas hermosas piezas escultóricas de la UCV!


Van mojih očekivanja! Meni je vilica pala i ostala ovako na neko vreme. Izvini ali mi je ovo bila prvobitna reakcija :--)

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