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RE: Actifit Dapp - Balancing Health With Wealth (app review)

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Hello, @mistakili!

Thank you for promoting our friends at Actifit. This is a great project, and I am glad you took the time to create an informative blog post that contains useful information about Actifit. Keep up the good work.

Your review is comprehensive and informative, and your content is unique. However, I have to admit that I wanted to see more personal content in your post. I wanted to read more about your personal knowledge and experience of using the application. Regardless, I like all the information provided, and I think that you did a good job.

That being said, the post did have issues of style and proofreading, but not to the level where it hurt the reading experience. Furthermore, you forgot to include the link to the github repository for this project, and I would like to ask you to kindly add it, if possible. Nevertheless, it was a solid overall effort, and I appreciate the information you have provided us with.

I look forward to your next contribution.

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Awesome, thank you for the review, I'd be sure to take them into consideration. Shallom

Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!