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RE: SteemPress 2.5 Update: Guest accounts, design improvements and dashboard for user settings

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Congratulations for the development, I had the chance to update today and visit :) By the way, the pic with the steempress' blacklist is awesome!! ;)


Cool! Hope you'll like it and find the new look to be good :)
Let me know if there are any features you would like to have, or if there is something you think could be done better! will look very different soon ;)

Hi, @Fredrikaa, thanks!! I've been thinking in a couple of things. It would be good if you can totally control the tags that you set for the post in the steempress options on the post creation page, there you'll can see your default tag(s) of the plugin settings and keep them, or change them if you need. I would like more control with the autovote option, like percentage for the vote and time delay.
And finally, I have doubts about this "license key":
Untitled picture.png
What key is that? What's it's function? Is it necessary?
Thank you very much for your attention, and always the best vibes for the Project!! :)

I would like more control with the autovote option, like percentage for the vote and time delay.

Interesting, we'll add that to our backlog

The license key is not necessary, it's here for a future feature that we hope to release soon ;)

Thanks for your attention, @Howo! I'll be visiting your discord channel for some issues whit the default tags!!
Congratulations for the good work!!

We dont have any issues with the default tags on our wordpress sites...{????}

My plugin don't change the default tag, is set in spanish forever, no matter how much I change it in different browsers or reinstall the plugin!! :( (However, I've not checked it in a while if changing tags works again).

Is your site in Spanish? I added a google translater to my wordpress plugin so it doesnt matter what language I publish in, anyone can read my websites. Just a suggestion. Good luck!

Thanks a lot!! I'm going to check the translator, it seems a good tool!!
The best vibes for you!!

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