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@Neoxian is a mystery person known by many and most consider him as a orca/whale due to his SP (Steem Power) is over 100,000 in Steemit communities. He joined Steemit on July, 2016. Neoxian run a centralize Bank in a decentralize block-chain platform known as Steemit. Neoxian Discord is a place where enable Steemit user deposit, loan, rental delegation and other services.

I am not an upvote bot. I'm stopping the Attention Service. Don't send money for that ~ By Neoxian.
Please take note that Neoxian is a human and not a bitbot/upvote bot. He upvoted Steemit users post manually and majority support his citizens and friends in his Neoxian Discord.

Bank Deposit

Step Instruction
1 An equivalent of a minimum USD 25 which worth either in SBD or Steem in order to make a deposit to Neoxian Bank with Memo: Bank Deposit
2 DM/private message in his Discord to inform him of the bank deposit. He will inform you once he received it within 24 - 48 hours
3 A monthly report will be produced by Neoxian itself where it enables the user to see a public report of his Bank deposit customer with the interest rate of 6% APR which will be credited into their monthly account

Bank Withdraw

Step Instruction
1 Inform by DM/private message Neoxian in the Discord on the amount that you would like to withdraw. You may with your SBD/Steem in Neoxian Bank at any time
2 Once he received it DM in Discord, he will reply your request within 24 - 48 hours
3 Please check and confirmed and verified if the withdrawn amount has been debited to your Steemit account

Delegation Rental

1 Steem = 115 Delegation of SP (Steem Power) per week. An advance (ONE-WEEK) payment is required for any delegation rental. Please take note that delegation rental no longer available until further notice.

Upvote Subscription

Upvoted subscription is a weekly basis subscription which give an upvote approximately $3.5 to $4 per post up to 7 upvotes in total per week. Please take note that delegation rental no longer available until further notice.

What Is Neoxian City Discord?

Neoxian City Discord is run by Neoxian and empowered by his citizens. A Steemit user who joins his Discord will be rewarded through active chat and GiveawayBot. They will become a citizen of Neoxian city.

Citizen Sharp Subscription

Citizen Sharp subscription is now exclusive open to the public. Steemit user must join Neoxian Discord before the subscription. Active citizens may subscribe for 3 SBD per month. The privilege of higher upvote from Neoxian and other bonuses through GiveawayBot. Citizen Sharp also have the privilege to invite friends to become a citizen of Neoxian city.

How To Join Neoxian City Discord?

Neoxian City Discord can be join through private invitation by Neoxian (Founder), Dragon Sharp, Dragon, or Citizen Sharp.

Inside Guide Neoxian Discord

Step Description
1 Read and understand all the rules in the #welcome channel and pinned messages
2 Go to the #introduce-yourself channel and write a simple introduction of yourself
3 Be active the in #general-chat-english channel at least a chat per day before entering any GiveawayBot. Violation of rules may get kick/demote/ban from Neoxian Discord
4 To set AFK status. Type ?afk [messages]. For example: ?afk sleep
5 Do not share link in #general-chat-english channel. Share it link at #link-share

Neoxian Upvote Rewards

Upvote rewards are manually curated by the Neoxian through Post-Promotion group and GiveawayBot. Citizen Sharp status and above may get a higher upvote privilege. However, if a low-quality post or found uninterested by Neoxian, he has the ability may skip the upvote for the post.


GiveawayBot will be run from time to time by Founder, Dragon or Dragon Sharp to promote and reward active citizens in Neoxian Discord. Citizen Sharp may get extra bonuses from GiveawayBot especially when it is created by the Founder. Citizens must chat within 24 hours before entering the GiveawayBot. Winner must have a post be ready after 30 minutes and less than 6 days. Violation of rules may get demoted and no upvote will be giving.

Rule Breaker

Any citizens/users in Neoxian Discord who broke the rules may get kick/demoted/ban from Neoxian Discord.

Citizen Rank (Top to Bottom)

Roles Color Upgrade Join GiveawayBot
Founder Purple N/A Y*#
Dragon Sharp Liberty Moderator / promoted by founder / VIP Y*#
Dragon Yellow Privilege past subscriber / promoted by founder / VIP Y*
Citizen Sharp Pink Monthly subscriber / win from GiveawayBot Y**
Citizen Plus Plus Light Orange Win from GiveawayBot Y
Ctiizen Plus Orange Win from GiveawayBot Y
Citizen Blunt Green Win from GiveawayBot / promoted through active chat Y
N/A White New user Y***
# Ability to create GiveawayBot
* Super power to promote or demote citizen. He/She has the ability to invite others
** Citizen Sharp may request Dragon Sharp to create GiveawayBot. Citizen Sharp and above have the ability to change own username in Neoxian Discord. He/She has the ability to invite others. However, Citizen Sharp must give the 100% upvote to the winner selected by GiveawayBot
*** Rare GiveawayBot to promote from White status to Green
Citizen Plus Plus and below will get a status demoted bi-weekly. They have to earn back through GiveawayBot

Citizen Extra Status

Roles Color Remark
Blessed Canary Yellow Protection from rules violation per time only
Can't Follow Rules Red Not able to follow rules
Citizen Tigidik Teal Rehabilitation citizen

Post-Promotion Group

*#sharp-posts channel no longer available. Citizen Sharp may have to post at #post-promotion.
#tigidik-posts #link-share #post-promotion #sharp-posts* #dragon-posts
Citizen Tigidik only All Citizen Plus and above Citizen Sharp and above Dragon and above

Witness Voting

Steemit user/citizens may support him through Steemit witness voting:
Neoxian witness application. Click here!

[Remark: GIF animation is designed by Legend Chew for illustration purpose only.]

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you will suffer my auto-downvotes for the rest of your life on steemit.

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