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Many years ago, Japan was going through a stage of pestilence, famine and death everywhere, the lands seemed cursed by demons for not bearing any fruit and the sky was always gray but never a drop of water came out of them, a horrendous decade for its inhabitants. The Lord of Daigo, expecting a miracle from the Buddha, was forced to make a pact with the twelve demons, they could take what was from him but they would prosper his land and his kingdom.

Years later, the Lord of Daigo was expecting a son, his wife bravely towards her effort to bring the child to the world while the Lord, looked towards the Infernal Room where he had made the deal, with a mark of X on his forehead that left the demons, to let him know that he was marked by them. At the time of his son's birth, a lightning bolt appeared and struck the boy, the head of a nearby Buddha was detached and disappeared and the boy... He was born without eyes, without ears, none of his limbs and without skin, but incredibly still alive.

The lord knew that that was his pay, he was glad that now everything would be fine for his land, he sent the boy away, to die far from his land and hoped that his land would become fertile and blessed by demons, leaving the child back... Until the little one returns to look for his parts given to the demons years later.

Dororo: Orphan girl, companion of a mysterious boy who does not speak and apparently does not see.

Monk: Old monk who travels the world defeating demons.

Doctor: Former doctor who puts prosthetics on the war dead as payment for his sins.

Kagemitsu Daigo: Lord of vast lands, owner of the only pure and prosperous place.

Tahomaru: Daigo's second son after sacrificing his first to demons.

Hyakkimaru: Child cursed by demons, he lost his limbs and little more than that because of his father's ambition.

I found Dororo interesting with its main story, every time I saw it, it caught my attention more, more than anything because of how Hyakkimaru adapted to his new members and senses, it is a story of how a person is born little by little, really charming and somewhat emotional.

The story focuses on a country full of famine and it is highlighted quite a lot, the bad conditions that the inhabitants of each town live and how they crush each other for survival, it shows you the cruelty of the human being due to hunger and I really doubt that go get an anime, movie, series or book that deals with this topic better than Dororo.

The only thing that may have bothered me is the opinion of the characters in this regard that Hyakkimaru recovered his body; or at least the missing parts, they said to leave that as it was and not to ruin the prosperous kingdom that there was, but nobody put themselves in the position of the boy who was born with nothing more than the will to live, it seemed to me a very annoying act and selfish.

But well, it is a good anime, it focuses more on the story than anything else, the animation is not bad but it is not from the other world, the only thing that did not seem to me at the animation and music level was the first opening, I do not know, was not suitable for me. But I invite you to see Dororo, an anime that deals with demons, poverty and the joy of living, fresh from 2019, I hope you liked the post, we read on another occasion.




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