What Is Your Strategy To Get Upvote And Support From Others In Steemit?

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This weeks topic for @legendchew's Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest and one that I am once again participating is:

What Is Your Strategy To Get Upvote And Support From Others In Steemit?

If you ask people on Steem about what they think is the best way to get upvotes and support from people here then around 90% would probably say deliver "High-Quality Content".

I honestly used to believe on that too. The main idea of the Steem platform after all is to reward people for using their brain, thus the whole “Proof-of-Brain" concept. You'll even see it on Steemit.com's landing page. "Get paid for good content. Post and upvote articles on Steemit to get your share of the daily rewards pool."

However after less than a week, newbies would learn the hard truth about how this platform works. People preach like the only thing that matters on Steem is the "Quality" of the content, but it is still far from that. While the quality of the post indeed matter, I personally think that it's only about 25% of the whole equation when choosing to upvote a post or not.

Consider this scenario, a new user with a reputation of 25 and an effective SP of 15 published a high-quality, exceptional and well-detailed article as his first ever post on the blockchain, would you upvote it?

Chances are you won't. Why?

First: The thought of the content being stolen or plagiarized.

"no newbie can write this well" is what most people would immediately think after seeing a rep 25 user delivering a high-quality content. While there are others who actually takes the time to check the post for plagiarism, most if not all people are just too lazy to do all that.

Second: It's not worth it.

One of the main reason why people don't upvote others outside their circle is that they are likely to not get anything in return. Even if a newbie votes back, his worth would just be around $0.001. Also most people here don't know how curation rewards work and even if they do, the chances of a newbie's post going into trending is very unlikely. Thus to some, it's not really worth it upvoting.

So going back to the topic at hand:

What Is My Strategy To Get Upvote And Support From Others In Steemit?

"Follow Basic Steem Etiquette"

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This one is not really a strategy but more like common sense. Every place you are in or whatever platform you use, the set of rules and accepted behaviours one must abide will always be the same. Thank God @thecryptofiend created an Etiquette Guide for the Steem Community which is also found in Steemit's FAQ tow which I highly encourage everyone to read and follow.

The following etiquettes that I want to highlight in this post are:

  • Don't post and run
  • Don't overpost
  • Don't be a fake, plagiarise or pass off others' work as your own
  • Don't re-steem everything you see
  • Don't post unrelated links in comments
  • Don't directly ask for votes
  • Don't expect reciprocal votes
  • Don't bribe people for votes, re-steems, follows or ask directly for money
  • Don't use the wallet to get attention
  • Don't flag content just because you disagree or don't like it
  • Do answer your comments
  • Do help others out and do thank people
I really believe that if you want people to support you, you must act like a decent human being first. I'm pretty sure the etiquettes listed above are pretty much self-explanatory. But to summarize all of that into one short sentence: "Don't be too self-centered!".

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"Find Active People and Be Steem Active"

It goes without saying that in order to have fun on this platform, one must seek people with more or less the same interests as theirs. Don't go hunting for dolphins/orcas or whales because you'll likely end up being disappointed, instead hunt for active people so you can grow together. What most newbies do when they join the platform is they try to get close to the "big guys" as much as possible, in theory that really is a good strategy but those guys smell "greed" and people who just wants to leech unto them.

What I did was seek people who have the same mindset and interests as mine and keep them close. Who knows one of them might actually be some rich guy who just wants to try how Steem works for a month and will invest a lot of huge Steem Power after. And yes I have seen people do exactly that, so don't just snob anybody.

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"Support Yourself First and Learn to Give Back"

Before thinking of being supported by others (random strangers at that) , think first what people would get from supporting you. I for one am a firm believer of the "Law of Give and Take" so when people appreciate what I write and do through upvotes, I see to it to reciprocate back. You might be saying right now that it's somewhat easy for me to do that since I have over 1000SP atm, but even when my SP was still around 100 I always see to it that their support is reciprocated. How?

When I was still new to this platform and have none to offer, all I could do was upvote their post at 100% and leave "genuine"comments behind. What I think newbies are doing wrong today is scaling their vote percents way too low. Seriously what would you feel if you yourself get 1% from a 15SP holder? Again don't be too self-centered. Don't be the kind of people who after getting a huge payout immediately cashes out or powers down as you would likely lose the support and trust from people.

To sum it all up, my strategy is pretty much being Steem Active and not being in here just for the money. Finding people who have the same mindset and interests as you makes the whole Steem journey worth it. Also I guess the saying The more you give the more you receive is somewhat true after all.

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It hit me so hard and I'm guilty. "Don't be too self-centered."
I need to change this behavior.

Maninuod man ka choi.. hahaha Nice one choi.

Tsarrr kaayo chuy noh? Ha ha

My strategy is to befriend with people like you. Youo guys have done great on steemit platform till now and being under your guidance and support is what will help me grow in future too so that i can help new comers as well in future.

Thanks @jlordc your advice
Articles like this are necessary for us, we need to learn a lot. You've given a very valuable lesson. We admit that, we entered in this family of steemit introduced friends who he was also introduced by his friend. so the learning given is still very little.
We expect more articles like this.

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thanks for your advice.
it's really helpful for me.

Find Active People and Be Steem Active

I think,its the first & foremost requirement in Steemit.

The idea of being active is certainly the most important. Getting involved in an active community is the way to get consistent upvotes. Of course, in the long run, the quality of posts also matter a huge deal :)

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very well written. Thanks also for explaining about how to use steempress.

All in All no matter how quality the post is you need to build relationships and interact with others!

Sir my strategy is very simple..I just want to help to newbees and expect that they wi also help me, while I need ur help too for guidance.

I agree with @pakhira. With your guidance and support people like us will surely grow.

I definitely agree with all the points you have mentioned above my friend,

Don't flag content just because you disagree or don't like it

but there are many people I have seen here how just downvote you without any valid reason, the most probable reason being they disagree with you. how sad is that. I have seen this personally thought it has not happened to me, but to one of my friends here, I still somewhat believe in high-quality content, but as you have said rightly that if a newbies repo is 25 no matter how good his/her content is it doesn't get that much of an attention or upvotes. I have personally seen it with myself when I started. But there are many kind-hearted and generous people here too, who help, I also got help from a few of those generous people, which I won't name here. Whatever it may be in the long run if you are honest and post quality content here, it would pay off one day. Thank you and nice post.

Hi @jlordc, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

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