The New Totsuki Elite Ten Council

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This week I've finally caught up with the Shokugeki no Souma manga. I am honestly a big fan of this manga/anime since I've seen one episode of it on Hero (TV Channel). As a matter of fact, Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma is one of the very first anime I somewhat did a review here on Steem.

If you wanna read my review on this anime you can check it out here: Shokugeki no Souma.

And wow five months ago, I still don't know how to properly format my posts, and the post above somehow proves that it really is indeed boring to look at with only one picture on it. No wonder I didn't get much love from that one. Lol

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Anyway, If you have been watching the anime you are already probably aware about the Totsuki Elite Ten Council, an illustrious group of students in Tōtsuki comprised of the ten best students in the entire academy that year.

Having read almost 50 chapters this week and have finally caught up with the manga, I honestly was surprised as to how things went. I have always assumed that Souma will one by one beat the Elite Ten and take their place one at a time, but No! I was so wrong. With only just one event and competition, the whole former Totsuki Elite Ten Council was immediately replaced just like that.

So who are now the new Totsuki Elite Ten Council you say?

Current Totsuki Elite Ten Council

Yukihira Souma (1st Seat)

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Cuisine Style: Yukihira Style recipes and French

Food Forte: Diner Food

Akira Hayama (4th Seat)

Image Source

Cuisine Style: Shiomi-Style Curry Research

Food Forte: Curry & Spice

Ryo Kurokiba (5th Seat)

Image Source

Cuisine Style: Western Cuisine

Food Forte: Seafood

Alice Nakiri (6th Seat)

Image Source

Cuisine Style: Molecular Gastronomy
Megumi Tadokoro (Tenth Seat)

Image Source

Food Forte: Vegetables and Seafood

When the Rebels (Souma et al) won the Regiment de Cuisine against Azami's Central, most if not all of those who competed against the former Elite Ten eventually earned a seat at the Elite Ten Council but some of them still was not stated as to what seat they are currently in.

Satoshi Isshiki (Unknown Seat)

Image Source

Cuisine Style: Traditional Japanese
Terunori Kuga (Unknown Seat)

Image Source

Cuisine Style: Chinese Cuisine
Takumi Aldini (Unknown Seat)

Image Source

Cuisine Style: Italian
Subaru Mimasaka

Image Source

Cuisine Style: Perfect Trace
Last because I'm not really sure if I should include her XD But definitely not the least:
Erina Nakiri (Director of Totsuki)

Image Source

Erina Nakiri could have taken the 2nd seat but instead took upon the role as Director of Totsuki per Souma and Senzaemon, his grandfathers suggestion.

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I am just happy that megumi is finally getting her spotlight again because she is my personal favorite in the series.

Though going by the trend, it is more likely that it will be Erina in the end but who cares? lol

Lol I see you are also updated with the manga lol
Babumi! A mother's cooking! XD

That scene cracked me up real hard, the underground guy didn't even stand a chance against that motherly charm haha

The Only real manga I ever read / played was the video game "Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors" I really was impressed by it and planned to also play the other 2 games in the series but then I somehgow died in the game before actually escaping and never touched it again afterwards because I did not want to start over again.

Lol you give up easily. This is my first time hearing of that game. Weren't there any checkpoints?

It's not a traditional game but a story driven one, more like a comic book where you need to make choices and solve some puzzles to escape a situation you are put in to. It was a really interesting setup and great story line and it took me quite a while to get near the end of it. Apparently there are 6 different endings and in the one I got I was stabbed. So technically I finished the game but I'm left with a lot of unanswered questions.

OMG~!!!! For real??? I'm not updated with the manga but I enjoyed watching the anime series. I'm just so happy that Souma got the top spot.. huhuhu~ Even Megumi-chan is part of the top 10... <3 Though somehow, I'd love Ryou-kun to be in a higher seat than the 5th one.. Should I read the manga version, too? >////<

Yep for reals! XD Sorry for the spoiler though lol forgot to add one.

You should definitely read the manga if you have time. Whenever I love the anime, I can't wait for what's gonna happen next. Which is why I try to find it's manga/novel adaptation too lol

haha... No worries! The spoiler doesn't really hurt that much.. lol~

Thanks! I'll find time... I do the same, too. Though usually I try hard to be patient to wait for the anime, I end up giving in to the temptation of reading the manga.. ;)

Last time I tried being patient, I end up forgetting about the anime lol

That's what happened to Shingeki no Kyojin and Tokyo Ghoul... I have to watch season 1 for SnK and season 2 og Tokyo Ghoul again before I could proceed... T_T

Case in point: Tokyo Ghoul
I watched Season 1, but end up forgetting about it lol

I am updated with Shingeki though. XD

I heard the manga is finished for Tokyo Ghoul, so I have to read it, too.. So busy ehh? hahaha xD

Good for you, then... I have to go back to Wall Maria.. lol.. xD

I haven't read the manga yet, but I've watched the anime and am waiting for another season. Souma's skills are indeed remarkable.

i haven't read the post yet to avoid spoilers :P

Lol Sorry about that. Forgot to add a warning for possible spoilers!
But I think the title would have been suffice though lol

yes i got from the title :P and i stopped at the first picture of yukihira :P i was expecting it though so even him as first seat wasn't a big spoiler to me

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