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RE: SteemPress 2.5 Update: Guest accounts, design improvements and dashboard for user settings

Thank you for this. Although I won't use some of the features, it's good to know they are there. I really am so happy to be able to post to Steemit from my wordpress blog - it's the best interface with Steemit. IMHO.

Thanks again for all your hard work @frederikaa and @howo



Glad to hear that you're happy to be using SteemPress!
May I ask what features you're not planning to use and why?
Thanks in advance for any feedback!

It would probably only be the multiple user option that I'd not use, actually. So sorry if I gave you a bit of a start! I do very much like the features you're proposing especially the option for a link to the WP blog at the top of the post, and the way that when a Steemian is mentioned, it picks up the correct url.

Based on your comment, I went to look at my most recent post and what it looked like on WP. I did notice that an images in the comments haven't pulled through and just the URLs show.

Perhaps this is a glitch, but in case you want to see what I mean, here is the link to that WP post

Hope this helps

Hello, this is not a glitch, it's done on purpose in case someone puts an offensive image or an image that's just too bit to be shown correctly.

Perfect. That makes sense!

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