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📸 Camera: DJI Mavic Pro (+ Polar Pro ND Lenses)
🌐 Location: Ontario, Canada

What do the Canadians do when they have their holidays? They go up north to the cottages. They relax in the great outdoors with lots of space to themselves. Something that to me (as a Brit) don't get and envy, there is just no space in the UK. At every opportunity I have I got to Canada to get a taste of what its like to be truly remote. These are some pictures from my last trip. Canada is Epic and the people are the worlds best. Friendly and polite.

Get the boat out! Get the barbecue on and get the beers in the freezer!

A lake from above

A real Canadian Cottage

Hidden away in the forest

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Honourable Steemians / Droners that I ask you to visit for some awesome photography:

@photocircle / @snowyknight / @fotogruppemunich / @stormrider75 / @folker-wulff / @alexeyvoron / @gabrielgaso

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Beautiful scenery. . . I'm going to have to get a drone to start taking photos from the sky. Your scenery is fantastic.


Do get one, best hobby ever. Puts a smile on your face

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