Thanks for the question. I have clarified this in the guide. Sorry to hear it's still not working!

Put the user as "user"

Are you sure that you set the private posting key and not the public posting key ?

i used the private posting key and username without "@" but it does not work.

Mmmmmhhh that's very very weird, can you check if there are some leading or trailing spaces ?

Other than that, perhaps your server security prevents you to contact the server that does the posting on steem.

hmm still no luck, i think its probably a server issue. i will try to sort it out. testing from a different machine.

Any luck? Checking into things, SteemPress needs to be able to make an html POST with curl in order to push your post over to Steem. Not every host and WordPress config makes that possible.

i ll let you know. hadnt had time yet to try

Try out V1, available now from the WP plugin directory. See the announcement here.

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