SteemPress now available in the plugin store! - Introducing V1.0

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It's been 2 weeks since @howo introduced the beta version of SteemPress and the and the response we got was absolutely tremendous! From people providing great suggestions or contacting us because they would like to make use of the service themselves. I would therefore like to begin by thanking everyone who helped make our post visible and also to everyone who has provided unique and valuable comments!

In the week following the post, we have worked hard to add the new features promised in the beta launch. In fact:

We’re now on the WordPress Plugin-store!

SteemPress WordPress plugin.png
SteemPress V1.0 can now be found in the plugin store on WordPress!

Following our application to feature among the many WordPress plug-ins available at, we were approved only days after our beta launch. This certainly went quicker than anticipated and we are positively surprised to find ourselves way ahead of schedule.

We’re also happy to see that the plug-in has been discovered by a handful of users despite the fact that this is our first public announcement that SteemPress is available on the plugin store. Currently, we're at above a hundred downloads and over 30 active users at the moment. I hope we can grow these numbers as we begin marketing the tool to bloggers and WordPress users everywhere!

New features in V1.0 includes:

  • Option to auto-upvote your post
  • Option to set rewards as either 100% STEEM Power or 50/50 split SP/SBD
  • Option to add a link to the original WordPress article at the bottom of the post made on STEEM
  • Ability to choose up to 5 tags to be used on STEEM from the WordPress menu
  • A connection and username/posting key tester in the settings page so you can see if something is wrong with the server or your configuration that prohibits posting

Next goals going forward

We have plenty of ideas for new features we want to add to SteemPress and also how we want to take all the benefits of the STEEM blockchain anywhere that people write and engage in productive conversations. At the moment, it is more a matter of priorities as to what gets done first.

Currently, we’re working to add:

  • an option to post existing articles on their own blogs.
  • a filter customization options to allow the user to post only articles containing certain keywords in the title.
  • time options to let the user post to STEEM after a selected time.
  • a database for published posts with the aim to understand which tags people use, how well they do, if they are users with existing followers or not, etc.
  • to start marketing SteemPress in blogging and Wordpress-related Facebook groups, forums, discussion boards, etc.

Beneficiaries rewards

Like most other apps on STEEM, including esteem, dtube, dsound, dmania, utopian and zappl to name a few, we intend to use benefactor rewards to help run SteemPress. The benefactor rewards is currently set to 10%. In comparison, Dtube and Utopian both take 25% benefactor rewards while Zappl takes 15%.

It is worth noting that the benefactor(s) only receive a part of the Steem Power reward from the post, leaving the SBD rewards untouched. Assuming the post is set as 50/50 split SBD/SP and that 25% of the total rewards go to the curators, the 10% benefactor rewards only affects 37.5% of the total rewards. With SBDs also trading above its peg, the percentage of the USD rewards is also significantly lower.

Howo and I are determined to do our best to keep this percentage low in order to incentivise more use. Discussions on the use of benefactor rewards, what rates they should be, or how we can make it more attractive to use SteemPress are of course welcomed in the comments.

Final notes

Again, I would like to thank everyone who contributes to the project with ideas, suggestions, feedback and support! A special thanks to our most active early testers: @numecoin, @error404fr, @markerhack, @nickdavison, @jgr33nwood, @anekdotes, @projectcamelot, you guys are awesome!

And for all the rest, I look forward to reading your comments!

Take care and SteemPress on!

Link to the plug-in:


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All money earned or sent to by @devfund account will be used to fund and promote Steem ecosystem development updates and annoucements like this one. Follow to see new posts that get funded.

This looks exciting! Can't wait to give it a try.


It may not look like it but we came a long way since the open beta two weeks ago. But nothing is ever perfect so please notify us if you notice any bugs :)

If you were a beta tester and installed the plugin manually, uninstall it and install it directly via the store. This way you'll recieve all the updates directly in your dashboard.

Steempress has me feeling like I'm on top of the world! It will FINALLY allow me to take my blog to the next level. I wish everyone major success... <3 u @fredrikaa My blogs needed this!


Yeah Really cool, Its just a matter of time before #steemit becomes Globally recognised.

Isn't your profile name a derogatory term for a prostitute in french?!

I think Steempress is great

Wow cool moon on head....

Forgive me, for being dense, @howo & @fredrikaa, but as a writer, how do I benefit from this? Is it, basically, a way to have our Steemit blog live outside Steemit and reach a wider audience, online?

In the short term our focus is 1. Just give people with a WordPress blog a very convenient way to quickly make their post on steemit as well. and 2. To introduce STEEM to WordPress users that were not previously familiar with steem/steemit.

We have many ideas going forward that I believe can help any content creators. One goal would be to take all desired STEEM features to a person's blog. That way, they have control over the layout and can tailor it to suit their content. They can also have adds, links to their social media profiles etc. It will take some more time to get all the way there, but that's part of the plan.

But for now, let's get STEEM out there and show many as many WordPress users as possible the benefits of the STEEM blockchain.

Hey @fredrikaa. Well done to you and @howo. It's absolutely stunning what you're doing with SteemPress.

If I understand your response well, you had shed light on the benefit of SteemPress for a WordPress blogger and also for Steem/Steemit. I just wanted to ask if you could shed light on how beneficial SteemPress can be for a Steemit Blogger. I hope I was able to state my request clearly..


Thank you, Fred (if I may?) for taking the time to walk me through that.

This might be a tad sophisticated for my purposes, at the moment, but I’m doing all I can to get Steem(it) word out on my social media platforms.

I appreciate all your efforts on behalf of our community 🙏🏼

Works great! However I use white label content and chettah bot got me on that. So I guess I need to change up my game plan.


If you take the time to rewrite your content you will be fine. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you to speed up the process. I also use a lot of "PLR" or "white label" content, but I rewrite it until it's at least 75% unique. I use Copyscape to check the "unique" score, and also to find out where else the original article has been published (in its white label form).

I have a really great piece of software that I use to help me speed up my rewrites. It's called "Speed Rewriter." You can do a Google search and find out about it. It's not very expensive, either. I think I paid around $10 for mine. Also, you do not have to download and install it on your machine. It runs on the net, so you just log in and start using the software. At any rate, it cuts my rewrite time in half at least.

It might be worth looking into.

Thanks for the tips @contentking. I’m a new steemer so every little tip in content helps.

Thanks, much appreciated. I will definitely check our Speed rewriter.


Can't wait to give it a try myself.

Please post your experience. I'm interested, but too much of a noob to know anything.

i am going to install it too.! it will help us to spread out great content, we will surely gonna get great audience. Best of luck.!

me too i will install it, also prakashkagitha do you invest/mine bitcoins

Oh see where steem has reached ....i am damn sure it is gonna touch the sky is spreading i am thinking that i am among the earliest members...halaluyooooo

Agreed. Soon we can look back and mourn the old times. ;)

i will try this plugin and its work good on my side :)
thanks for sharing this plugin <3

Can the Steem technology make it possible to monetise content on, for example, YouTube (if they partner up with them ofcourse). So that you will get payed in Steems I mean.. Is this technically possible and are they aiming for these kind of projects?

I think we are very close now to youtubers migrating to Dtube. Especially now when monetisation goes away for majority of youtubers in February.

I am definitely looking to bolt. But it's hard. 3600 subscribers and our global market demographics are probably 15-20K.

It's the same on the FB. We touch a real significant portion of disc dog enthusiasts personally, around 4000. That's tough to give up.

For all youtubers, check out the Brave browser and start getting paid in BAT (Basic Attention Token).

Verify your youtube account here -

Great Info! Will try it out

Thanks, that's a very helpful link.

I had produced hundreds of videos in the last 4 years and uploaded them all on Youtube or Vimeo but I have jumped ship to Dtube and I am loving it what I see so far.

What is this Dtube? This is my first time hearing about this.

You could check out It is a video sharing channel associated without Steem blockchain.

Doesn't support the movement of decentralization imo...

I think it's a great idea, i swear @shahaan

Steemit created the same platform with youtube, adding a new twist where people can directly earn from their videos. Youtube is way different from Dtube when it comes to monitary. So maybe there is no way for steemit to collaborate to youtube.

ANON REALY DONT KNOW WHICH STEEM TO UPVOTE FIRST its so great how far steem can go...Main difference between steem and other STEEM has a real working product! as anon would love to have


Greetings friends how are you, and where part of the world are you

hi,Can you tell me how to teach me how to do steemit?

i will surely do that

That's amazing! I'm definitely going to install!

is there a tutorial video for nob like me?

Nice Tip! Thanks HOWO!

I agree with you @Howo

You're a scholar!

Steempress is a must for every steemians appreciate the post!

Will do folks - thanks for your work

wow ! this is good ! i want to try it as well.

well it will be good only when cheeta bot did not make comment on our post

Thanks for creating this I will go and check it out and if I find any bugs I will let you know.. Looking forward to giving it a try.. thankks for sharing

how to install it! Im not using wordpress! Im using Blogger. Any html or javascript code that can work in blogger? Here is my web,

This is definitely going to grow pretty quickly! It's already really awesome so far, and I'm sure you'll make it even better in the future. 10% for benefactor rewards is a really good number and I hope it stays this low. Unless you need a bigger percentage :P

Yes we want to aim for high quantities, which will require a low percentage. I think our number is about right at our current scale.

Steemit press needed new version that's good to see ur post u introduced v1.0..
i think the rewarded percentage is good and it makes steemit network more better i am hoping in future u will make this network by updating and introducing new features...
:-) Good Luck :-)

Awesome! I am going to have to look into this after work. I have a current word press site, but theres nothing really on it accept graphics and links to all my social media etc. Maybe its time to step up my blog to my web address for even easier access for my readers.

Also I did not know about the benefactor fees. Thank you for pointing this out. I did not know dtube, dmania etc take this fee. Now I do not mind it to a certain extent, the coders and creators of a product deserve there reward \ payment for such use. But, over the extended period of time unless there is significant changes updates and things to be worked on, or bills to be paid for the service to stay up and running, %25 percent for the others seem high. 10 % seems like the sweet spot. I just think there is a fine line between taking a fee and the product.

**The more I think about it, 10 percent even seems high. Going to have to think this through before use, but still very cool plugin.

Great work over-all and I'm excited to check this out later!
Steem on!!

Thanks for your great comment and I am happy to hear that you will want to try it :)

I do not want to increase it beyond 10% unless we have the Steem Power or Delegations to support users with extra upvotes like some other steem apps do. We're also working to add ways to help curators and community projects discover good content uploaded from SteemPress, which we hope will add further value to the users.

Regarding the 10%. It's worth pointing out that it is a percentage of the Steem Power reward and does not affect the amount of Steem Dollars you would earn. So we're not taking 10% of the money you would make. When SBDs are high, it's closer to 1-2% of the post's total value.

Fredrikka, thanks for pointing this out.

Maybe you should do a mathematical breakdown and have it as part of the info section of the plugin.

That way users aren't confused into thinking they are losing a direct 10%. I love the Plugin so far, thanks for making such a great contribution!

Yea you should deffinitly put a break down on the store page explaining the 10 percent. Thanks for clarifying!

굿뉴스네요 ! ^^

I am excited too. This is great news.

That is so cool. Congratulations. I love doing projects for cryptocurrency too. I am a programmer with passion for cryptocurrency.

Det er gøy å se andre nordmenn på Steemit også ;D

Wohoo go steempress

Do you think cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum have a serious chance of becoming worthless. I hear things such as quantum computing and government crackdowns ending the value of bitcoin/altcoins.

This makes me want to go buy a lot more Steem.

Bravo, @fredrikaa and @howo

Amazing !

kudos for this dude, upvoted!
Quit the European Space Agency scam and focus on Steem apps development!
you can earn an honest living without deceiving people with Space nonsense, and you seem a nice guy deep down.

Awesome project!

Thanks for this. I have found and logged a bug that is stopping a few people from benefiting from the plugin. Some wordpress themes include support for video formats of posts and in those cases, the youtube videos are not being reproduced in the resulting Steem posts. More info on Utopian here. cheers.

Awesome development! Can't wait to start using it.

Thanks for the positive words! Hope you'll find it useful :) looking forward to hearing back from you if you have any suggestions or comments on how it can improve!

i'm sure we will see many more bull runs in the future, for now, we are in a bear market that could last for months.

There are the kind of layers that will being more value and adoption to the steemit platform in months to come.

keep up the good work @fredrikaa !

This is great news, @fredrikaa and @howo! I think this will eventually bring a lot of new people to use Steem in the future. A lot of them are hesitant to leave their old blog behind, and I get that, but with this they can keep blogging on the Wordpress blog on their own domain, and still be able to get some rewards from the blockchain. If some popular bloggers start using this and get involved with Steem, it might be bringing us lots of new users!

Keep up the great work! I don't personally have any Wordpress-based websites that is a good fit for Steem right now, but this opens up some possibilities that I want to explore!

interesting to know!

amazing, steem is incredible and can be implemented everywhere, good stuff !

Just wait until the SMTs are released; this will get lots of new bloggers interested, especially combined with this plugin.

they should be steem facebook and steem twitter :))

Automating your work flow and gathering STEEM.
Kudos for your hard work!!

This is an amazing thing. Such a great way to increase the steemit platform value!

Solid going to have to start testing this out on my blog and see where it goes. If I can start blogging on my own domain again but still get upvotes and search engine rankings then this will totally be worth it!

Happy to hear that you will give it a go! Looking forward to hearing your experience. Hope it can be useful for you!

Can you move over existing blog posts or will this plugin only work on new posts? Thank you!

Only new posts, although the "publish old posts" feature is a highly requested one so we'll implement it in the coming weeks :)

AWESOME!!! This tool will go straight viral! I’m sending this info to my developer. 💪🏼🤩💯📈🏆🏆💯

I was just looking for something like this!

Not to be difficult, but is there something with the opposite effect?

I am so used to writing here. I want the articles here to automatically go on my blog then!

Thanks for the great comment! Hope you'll love it :)

Uhm, that would be a very different application to make, as it would have to observe what content gets published on your steem account and then copy that and post it to wordpress.

What I think would make more sense to add, and which we will probably implement fairly soon, is the ability to post first to steemit, then to your blog after a set amount of time. So if you want to make something steemit exclusive, but then add it to your blog automatically later on, you could do that too from wordpress.

Merhaba benim paylaştığımı beğenirmisiniz ?

Sounds good! I am just too used to the interface here really haha. Switching back to Wordpress is icky.

there's a plugin called steem-feed or sth like that with which you can display your/or any other's steemit blog(s) in your wordpress site.

Wow! ! This is really great, i just resteem this post in other to show my support, and also am heading to download it

Så kult! Er veldig ny her, men dette må jeg kanskje sjekke ut! :)

Hyggelig tilbakemelding! Si gjerne i fra hva du synes :)
Ellers velkommen til steemit! Kjekt å se flere norske her inne.

HI @fredrikaa good day !
I have used the SteemPress plugin for the 2nd day. I am pleased to have it installed and it successfully posted my wordpress post to steemit. \

However, I could see two issue :-

  1. The tag I set in the plugin e.g. cn-malaysia has changed to cnmalaysia in steemit ( see scrrenshot )


  1. The auto posted article does not update even though I did update in the wordpress post

No big issue, just for feeback

Thank you for installing and trying out the plugin @digitalmind!
Yes, we're aware of this and working right now to make the necessary updates. I hope we can have it solved by the end of the week.

Thank you for providing feedback! It is very valuable to us :)

Great stuff. I am going to experiment with this immediately!

Awesome! Tell us what you think about it :)

I am going to install and activate it, I'll very soon share the link to site. Very happy to learn this

More ecosystem plays. Steem gains in value everyday

@fredrikaa Very nice work with @howo. Great contribution to the community. I haven't done too much web stuff lately but might have to again to mess with this plug-in. Such Greatness!

Thanks for a great comment! Yes, it's a great time to be developing applications benefiting crypto projects, especially in DPoS blockchains like STEEM where contributing with ideas and any bits-and-pieces can help yield some rewards. I see the long-term victory of STEEM being as a coin for open innovation just as much as for creative content.

nice new tool

Will the beneficiaries reward be taken from all posts made by a user or only from posts made through SteemPress? The reason I ask is that I saw someone write in another post that D.Tube's beneficiary rewards were taken from all of the user's posts and not only his/her's D.Tube-posts. It would be nice to have this confirmed or disconfirmed.

Either way, great work!

Hey @oyvindsabo No, it will only be taken from posts published with the user's WordPress. I am not familiar with how dtube handles it, but for us to be set as benefactors, the post has to be authorized in the SteemPress interface.

Thanks for the complement!

Ah, thanks for the clarification.

It's not possible for dtube (or anyone) to add beneficiary to posts that are made outside dtube itself :)

Thanks, that's great to hear! I really don't mind supporting steem-based projects, but I was afraid that if each project took their share from all of their user's posts, there would be nothing left for the user if he/she posted on a lot of different Steem-based platforms.

Don't worry about it that kind of abuse would not be premitted by the steem devs.

This is too cool! will try it ASAP, thanks for sharing bruda

Awesome! Hope you found it useful! Would be happy to hear your feedback on it :)

This is a wonderful thing that you have done for the steem block chain. Now a lot of high profile blogger can easily become a part of steem blockchain with out putting double the effort. This helps improve the readership on the site in a lot ways. It adds quality which is always first step towards growth of any thing.

That's what we hope!

Wow! This is outstanding! I’ve been thinking of blogging on Wordpress and on steemit, it sounded a bit stressful and with this plugin I think things just made way easier!! Thanks!!

Hey man! Thanks for the nice feedback!
Yes, it's for people like you, as well as wordpress users not yet familiar with STEEM, that we're having in mind currently with SteemPress. I hope you'll find it useful and will look forward to hearing your feedback!

I have a website with WordPress. Can I install SteemPress plugins there and what does it do?

This is really cool, would like to see the new updated version... Super awesome guys keep it up

Wow... I will use the plugin in my blog website. Thanks for share.

Interesting plugin. It looks very useful!

Wow, amazing idea. Will definitely use for the WP blogs I manage. Video tutorial would be helpful too if you guys can get to it. Cheers, d.

Thank you for the compliment! An illustration video showing what SteemPress does and how it can benefit users who are not very familiar with STEEM is definitely something we'll add at one point.

In terms of tutorial, it should currently be plug and play for anyone who already has a STEEM account and know how to access the rewards they make using the tool and answer comments from users reading it on steemit.

excellent, I'm going to download it

Thanks! Hope you'll find it useful :) let us know what you think!

This is the first I have heard of SteemPress, and it sounds like an amazing idea! So basically anyone can setup their own niche content site, like a mini Steemit essentially, on the Steem blockchain via Wordpress? If so, I see huge potential for this! I am definitely going to have to check this out! Great job guys!


That is the plan indeed. In the short term, it's more a convenient tool for wordpress users to automatically post also to steem, but the goal will be to take all STEEM Blockchain features to anyone's wordpress where they can combine the benefits of the blockchain with being able to customize their own website with wordpress.

Also, thanks for the positive comment and for wanting to try it out :) I look forward to hearing your feedback!

I don't have a Wordpress site currently, but I'm going to spin one up just to try this out. I work in online marketing and analytics, and I can see huge potential for applications like. Marketers are always looking for quality content generation, and stuff like this will eventually allow companies to setup their own "content hubs" where users will be incentivized to produce content and get rewarded for doing so, and in a seamless and open-ended manner. That's one of the big benefits that I see with Steem as opposed to other blockchain-based tech.

Thank you for working to help advance the ecosystem for everyone involved!

Permit me, I still am unclear about what exactly the plugin does. Will it take my WordPress posts and post them on steemit condenser and the whole blockchain? Or do i get to use it like an SMT or what.

Yes, SteemPress, when installed, allows all posts you make to be automatically posted on steemit where it can be seen and upvoted by other users the same way as always.

split sp/sbd sounds great.

does that mean the benefactor gets less if you set it to 50/50? I'm not sure I'm following the math

That's exactly right. Benefactor rewards only affect rewards obtained as vests, ie Steem Power.

That's nice, good job. Makes it more accessible

Thanks! Those are our thoughts too exactly :)

Great work, so simple to use!

Steemit is growing too fast !

48.5mns visits in January (+41% vs December)!

Thanks to all of you and the content you share.

If you want to learn more about Steemit Big Datas please look into:

Steemit Statistics & Big Data: 🚀 End of January 2018 Update 🚀

Take care my dear Steemians

As a newbie Steemit blogger, I have always wondered, before joining, how will I make my WordPress blog seamlessly post on my Steemit account as well. This just made it possible.

Though I have yet to use your plugin, I also do hope it will become open source and hosted on Github for pear reviews and commits.

Thank you again for making this plugin and for making the lives of WordPress bloggers who wants to join Steemit less difficult.

We are adding developer updates and the code to github with @utopian-io, you may want to follow @howo to get the updates on development.

Thanks a lot for the positive comment! Indeed, I hope we are buildign something useful to wordpress users everywhere!

I downloaded the plugin to my website and I selected 50%/50% between Steem power and Steem dollars. Is it better to do 100% Steem power?
Right now I have no power as I just started using my account which opened months ago, so not sure what I'm doing ti right.

Hey! Thanks for downloading the plugin and giving it a go! I will look forward to hear you feedback and hope it can be useful for you :).

For as long as the SBDs trade way above 1$ (you can track its price here), doing the 50/50 will always give more money than the 100% SP.

100% SP only make sense when/if SBDs eventually go back to 1$ again. Then you'll have to decide based on other factors such as whether you want to grow your Steem Power and thus get more rewards from upvoting and Steem Power interest, or if you want the Steem Dollars to trade or sell.

But right now, you should use 50/50 both on and with steempress.

Thanks for clarifying the difference. I will definitely get back to with feedback on the plugin :)

I installed it right away, gonna check this out later on today.. Thanks for the work!

That's awesome to hear! Hope you will find it useful and look forward to hearing your feedback :)
Will be looking to add many more features in weeks and months ahead!

You got a 20.95% upvote from @bearwards courtesy of @devfund!