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Today, I'm going to bat for SteemPress. I'm a big fan of course since I've launched my brand new Wordpress Blog( Even though this plugin is still in its infancy, I am overwhelmed by it's potential to reach people who'd never heard of the Steem blockchain.

The goal, of course, is to have a seamless integration of Steem and Wordpress through the SteemPress plugin and that's not an easy task.

Why Voting Them As Witness

I won't name names but some incumbent witnesses have been silent lately...dedicating their time and energy to another blockchain project called EOS. To me, that is not acceptable, the probability of a conflict of interest now or down the line is too high.

Here we have people who are ALL-IN, they are dedicated to Steem at their core and are ready to quit their job for it. Don't look right or left, go to and vote for @steempress to give this budding project the chance to take off and spread its wings.

Why a Wordpress Plugin Is A Big Deal

Wordpress is not just 30% of all websites on the internet, it's a marketing engine. Imagine if a website like @engadgetnews( were to be fully integrated with the Steem Blockchain in a way that people can upvote or upvote comments directly from their website. What if, for people to participate, they had to signup and sign-in through SteemConnect?

Massive publicity...can you imagine the incentive to sign-in when you see commenters making money for participating in a conversation?

For me, to have the "Upvote" button on small blogs and large publications would mean that Steem has succeeded at creating a token layer on top of the content internet.

Also, the sign-up process is about to be revolutionized through the HF20 hardfork. This means that people could sign-up anywhere there is the option to upvote a piece of content. Let that sink it.

Imagine, huge publications integrated with Steem, advertising this blockchain for free through the upvote and comment section. When that happens, pack up your suit and fuel your rocket...we are going to the moon baby!


Final Words

Yes, @steempress is a big deal and I hope we make sure to have them in the top 21 witness as soon as possible.

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You are doing a great job with keep it up!
Also, voted for @steempress, good luck


Cool stuff. Just did!

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Hope you guys succeed in your mission!
Witnesses — Steemit.png

Let's all take @steempress to top 21 witness




#67 now, good job cryptoctopus!

Thank you so much for this massive support that you are giving us @cryptoctopus! It really means a lot in a period where we are making big sacrifices to pursue this to the extent that we are to see that persons like yourself and the community has our backs.

I'm feeling confident that we are on the path to building something great and that by working together with the community that already provides so much in terms of expertise, complementing applications and sheer support, that we can change the digital landscape. :)


My innings was yesterday, my witness vote is down, good luck to these guys!

Powering up to 72 already!


Wow, just realized you have great proxies. How are you doing @abh12345? You just gained a new fan :P



Just 1 proxy in particular, the lord of the Steem himself!

Thanks for your suggestion, voted :)

It's Fredrik Double-A-mazing!

Really proud of what these guys are doing... They have my vote.

you see lots of value in them, so I guess time to adjust my slate :)

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Just voted!

I wish them GOOD LUCK 🍀!

While i was voting @steempress for witness, i was checked some disabled...

disabled 1.png

disabled 2.png

disabled 3.png

disabled 4.png

Surprised about @jerrybanfield and @adsactly disabling...


I'm not that surprised, a lot are going to be looking at the costs vs reward in fiat and not much past that.

Stupid question but is there any comprehensive list of steemit witnesses who are also EOS BPs? Going through the list of producers is kind of a hassle, and there's no way they're not going to be incentivized in one direction when the 65th ranking one is making 119 EOS a day...

Also rofl, all the exchanges get to soak up the fees, manipulate the markets, AND dominate the top of the BP list. What a scam.

Am in on the ride

I won't name names

Well now where's the fun in that? No, but seriously, I have an idea of maybe one but I would really like for my witness votes to be education as to who else I may need to unvote.

If you cannot share names with me, could you point me in the right direction? Guess I need to rereview the EOS BP list or something.

As the chain of blocks evolves according to the comment of my friend, this will be strengthened so that when we see in restropectiva we will say oh, go ... Regards and my respects my support with my humble vote.

Good luck @steempress !!

Awesome! Thanks for making this post to show support for SteemPress @cryptoctopus!

Let us wish them a lot of success! Votes are granted

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For more information about this scam, read this post:

If you find my work to protect you and the community valuable, please consider to upvote this warning or to vote for my witness.

Gone thru the list of 100 names and difficult to read about everyone but gone through for some of them. What I understood is that they are working on nice concept. Hope to see it happen soon and voted as well. All the best for the team.

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For someone like me that posts a lot of geopolitical/terrorist images at my own site, its a big plus as the amount of material I have been moving over from my site to Steemit is usually quite large. Now it can be performed quite simply.

The ebb and flow on Steem is really fun to watch. These days, there sure is a lot to get excited about. There is so much development on a blockchain designed for developers. It sure seems to be working. I think in another year or two, we will look back and thing about the "old" days when Steemit was the thing... I do love Steemit and blogging, but I now realize that is only a piece of the pie.

That EOS remark convinced me. Voting now plus an upvote for you.

Got it, already on it !!

Yep, I was lucky to notice it today as I continued to re-evaluate my witness votes, so I voted for @steempress witness. It was way down, being so new, but climbing really fast, as they should for this great plugin (and if their node will be run smoothly, which I think it will).

Good suggestion. I filled my last available spot and voted them for the witness.

Interesting share, do they run their own node or rent servers? Specs? @steempress sounds good & I am adding my vote & those proxied to me. I am trying to get into working with and or for a witness, could I ask your opinions on my post/proposal today?