A Lazy Sunday "LCS" Haul

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For those not "in the know"... LCS stands for Local Comic Shop! Having a glorious day off from work today, I wanted to stop by my local shop with one particular purchase in mind... the first issue of Stellar. In my last post, I discussed how I'd rediscovered artist Bret Blevins as he's recently reemerged on the comics and social media scenes, also launching a KickStarter for an online instructional course he is planning. One of the other things I was happy to discover was that Blevins was doing the artwork on a new comic title! That title is Stellar which is published by Image Comics through Robert Kirkman's (creator of the Walking Dead) Skybound imprint.


I have no idea what Stellar is even about yet... I'll be sitting down for some reading sessions over the next couple nights! All I know is I'm happy to see new work by Bret Blevins and wanted to enjoy and support it.


As you may have noticed, Stellar #1 didn't come home alone. It brought friends. I mean really, who can go to the comic shop and buy just one comic? Not this guy. A lot of my buying choices center around creators. Though they've been out for months, I picked up the first couple issues of Doomsday Clock partly because I am interested in the Watchmen integration into the DCU... but mainly for the artwork of Gary Frank. Birthright I've read the first volume of, have volume 2 on my to read pile... and grabbed volume 3 here to get ahead of the game! The Realm I just happened upon while browsing the shelves. Like Birthright, it intrigues me for it's genre mix of modern world and fantasy, as that fits with the comic I'm currently working on, "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." It's fun and rewarding to study and take inspiration from the work of others that may have some similarity in thematics.


These past couple months I've been reading many more comics than I was previously, and really getting excited again. Much of that desire stems from seeing posts by Steem members with similar interests, such as @blewitt, @cryplectibles, @nickmorphew, @angry0historian, @modernzorker, and many more... Thanks to all for helping me reignite some passion. I can't wait until we have actual community features on Steemit to make it that much easier to share our geek pride!


So what's everyone reading... or what would you like to read a bit more about from me? As always... let me know in the comments! Now... it's off to do some reading for me. Actually... food first, then read...


- Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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Thanks for the plug brother!!! Glad you are in it more!!!

I have inspired the Imp.


Good ol' @cryplectibles got me on a "Warrior Nun Areala" tear with one of his recent posts, so I've been having fun with that. Barry Lyga's run on that book is so damn good, and criminally underrated. I maintain he was ahead of his time in pushing the medium into areas it wasn't quite ready to explore as fully as he wanted to explore them. His "The Hammer & The Holocaust" story arc from WNA Vol. 2 hit me hard as a kid, since I was raised Catholic.

Thankfully he's still around, writing novels for the teen and YA markets that push just as many boundaries as his comic work. Areala was a great fit and entirely the wrong fit for him at the time, but at least it didn't wreck his career. Just wish AP hadn't fired him before he finished writing the Magic Priest mini-series for them. 2 out of 3 issues released, then the concluding issue dropped entirely due to "lack of sales".

Sigh. What might have been...


I never read any WNA, I just kinda lumped it in with the glut of T&A 90’s books. Are you telling me there was actually substantive material there!?! I may have to look at it one day!


There is, but you have to dig for it a little. Ben Dunn's original idea for it was very similar to his NHS stuff, where it was a completely silly concept given a very thin veneer of seriousness to ground it in reality. As long as that's what you like (and I'm not gonna lie, I love Dunn's stuff), you'll be satisfied.

Once he opened the series up to other writers with subsequent volumes in the on-going Areala story, and especially the side-series like Warrior Nun: Black & White and Shotgun Mary, there were a slew of authors both new and established who took shots at leaving their own marks on things. Barry Lyga succeeded, IMO, but his storytelling technique was the complete inverse of the way Dunn had set things up with the first two books/story arcs, and I think people didn't know what to make of it, so they just left it on the shelves.

WNA's got very few instances of nudity, and during the Rituals storyline there's an in-story adjustment to the Warrior Nun outfits as the Vatican feels the original habits expose too much skin, which I think is hilarious. I'm not sure if that was Dunn poking fun at all the other "bad girl" books, or if he was catering to an audience who complained about the occasional flash of thigh, but either way it was amusing. :)

Vol. 1 is your basic 'turn off your brain and just enjoy the pretty pictures' story. "Rituals", the follow-up, tackles some slightly more mature subject matter involving the rise of a Fourth Reich in the present day, and the atomic bombing of Japan at the end of World War II, but it's still got that Ben Dunn knowing wink of "Don't take this too seriously...it's still comics, after all."

Lyga took the reigns for the next six issues, which is Vol. 2, and it's far and away my favorite arc, with some serious 'shades of gray' and 'this isn't all fun and games' plots, along with the introduction of my personal favorite villain, "The Holy Man".

And if nothing else, the sixth and final issue of that volume, "Nor A Liar Run, Aware", is worth reading for the script alone. :)


That’s a full fledged review post in the form of a comment! I’ll have to add it to “the list.” Thank you!


My pleasure, my good man. As if you didn't already have enough to read... ;)

Wow what a privilege you have LCS, in my country there is no such thing, I do not know what "Stellar" is about, but what you say about its creator seems interesting. After reading it, you should tell us what it is about.

How good that you have found motivation again. 😘👌


I’m very fortunate to have such easy access to all these stories. I hope someday it will be the same for you!


I hope, I more than anyone wish the same, someday happen... I hope so. 😜✌

I recently bought Going Into Town: A Love Letter to New York by Roz Chast, I thought it would be helpful/inspiring to read since it's similar to how I want my Key West project to be formatted. It was so enjoyable to read as a native New Yorker and I found myself laughing out loud like an idiot several times. I feel like that's the best when a comic can make you have an audible reaction.


I find myself audibly reacting more to comics than I ever do with television & film. I’m curious if it’s because of a deeper emotional connection through the medium... or if I’m more inclined to react because it doesn’t obscure the “sound” of the story itself!

Glad to hear I’m not alone in seeking out work I feel may have similarities to my own for inspiration.

This post is something more to know about your tastes for the comic and how excited you are! It would be fun to know a little more in the sense of seeing a picture of you :)

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Fantastic! I'm just getting into comic books as an adult for the first time and have been going to my LCS every week for the past couple months. Looking forward to seeing your future hauls! Always looking for new things to read.

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I also play the image art genre like you, but not yet as powerful as you are. give me your best opinion