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If your currently selling on Amazon or thinking about selling your products on Amazon there is a better way. This post will go over the Amazon coupon code page which uses amazon coupons and discount coupon codes to help build your contact list and provide higher feedback reviews.

Just click on the button below to get your free copy of this amazon coupon page

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How The Amazon Coupon Page Works

This funnel is a total of three pages

  • Coupon Optin
  • Thank you page
  • PPC Optin (for special cases where certain rules apply when promoting on pay per click networks)

Step 1 - You will need a product on Amazon in which you have a coupon code for to give out
Step 2 - Your visitor sees your page and the product and opts in to claim their discounted coupon code
The entire setup is for them to get a discount and try your product and leave a review on your product. You also now have this persons email address or other contact information (Phone number, address etc. its up to you want information you want to collect on optin but email address only will land you more leads)
Step 3 - After optin the person is taken to the thank you page which will include the coupon code for them to order your product at a discount.

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This is a simple yet highly effective way of promoting your Amazon products when you are first launching them to get reviews and bump up your rankings for items people are searching for.

The PPC version is great to be used on sites such as Facebook where your offering a discounted code on your product for people to try out. Try and make the discount worth it so they are getting a deal and will go the extra set for leaving feedback.

Within your email sequence be sure to follow up with them after the order has taken place to ask how everything went and if they have any questions or concerns you can address before they leave their feedback. You will be surprised how a little reaching out can greatly alter someones perspective and rating.

Claim your amazon coupon page by clicking on the button below

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