CONTEST! My 2018: Welcoming the new year! - 100 Steem in Prizes!

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Do you wonder how people in other countries celebrate the new year?

Are you curious about the traditions and rituals for receiving the year other Steemians have?

Would you like to see the food and drinks your fellow bloggers have on this special day?

Then this contest is for you!

Show the Steem world how do you receive this 2019. You can write, take pictures, make a video, do an album, make a story, show us with drawings... whatever comes to you mind! Show people how you welcome 2019!

Invite me and your readers to your celebration this December 31st, let us experience it as if we were sitting next to you.

Show us how you get ready for when this Sunday the clock hits 00:00 of 2018, we want to feel the emotions you are feeling.

Explain the different traditions people have in your part of the world, it would be amazing to learn about your country.

Share with us how you celebrate new year this 2018 - going on 2019 - and tell us how your night went.

There are no special requirements for the content of the post. You can include whatever you want, as long as you show us how you welcome the new year. If you don´t want to include pictures and only text, it is also perfect!

So yeah, there are no rules about the content of the post, the only three requirements I will ask you to do in order to join the contest are:

  • Your post title must be: My 2018: Welcoming the new year - Whatever you want to add
    For example, my title would something like this:
    My 2018: Welcoming the new year - A nomad embraces the new sunshine.
  • Use the tag #my2018 and the tag #blocktradescontest, the other three can be whatever you want.
  • Resteem this post. I´m not asking you to vote this post, just resteem it so more people can join and we can see more New Year Celebrations all around the world.

The whole purpose of this contest is too make a post about the celebration of this year, but if you don´t feel like including pictures you can just narrate how your celebration goes on a normal year.

If you feel like thanking someone, thank @blocktrades, I´m just the middle man in the contest ^^. If you feel like mentioning this post and including a link so people join the contest, i would highly appreciate it but it is not a requirement to join the contest.


The post you make will be about your celebration when receiving 2018, so you can think about how you make your post during these days, but you will be posting it after December 31.

The deadline is January 5th at 23:59 PST, you have enough time!


This contest is about how you celebrate this new year and about your experiences about receiving 2018 :) So make sure to make your post after the holiday!

Special Thanks

Remember, making this contest and giving this prizes is only possible due to the delegation I got from @blocktrades. Don´t forget to vote for them as witness here to show them your support!

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Hey friends!!!😃 Take a look at this New Year Contest!!👍😉✨🙌 join! Awesome prizes🎁😁😁😁 I'm wishing to see how you celebrate in your countries tonight!!!🥂✨Resteem if you can please!👏
@whatsontrend @chekohler @crypto.piotr @guruvaj @botefarm @indigoocean @votovzla @rosatravels @khussan @naijauser @reverseacid @stellabelle @flash07 @aple @straighttalk @equinor @steemitqa @dovetail @aussieninja Thank you!!!😊😊🍀and good luck!😀😄😉

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@whatsontrend That's great!!!👍😃 thank you!!😁 will you be sharing your NY Celebration?✨

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Thanks, you're just awesome.

Posted using Partiko Android

@naijauser Ohh not so awesome like you!😁but thanks!!✨😃

Posted using Partiko Android

👍😃 Jeni you are always so full of energy and emojis, haha... Let's join the fun!

@itchyfeetdonica ahah I think I will finish like Madhatter soon🤡

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Thank you for tagging me my friend @jenina619. Will resteem this post for sure.

I have the same story almost friends are out of state for Jobs & remain are just married so not have that much friends around to celebrate. So I worked and sleep 31st night.

Happy New Year 🙂

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@flash07 Oh! Ok.. well think you are lucky to have a job and a home to sleep!😁🍀 and also online friends are still friends although the distance!😃 I wish you all the best in this new year, and thank you for Resteem!!!🐞

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😅 my friends are on other islands on jobs and stuff so not celebrating this new year

Posted using Partiko Android

@khussan Ohhh Ok🤣 well since you live in such a paradisiacal place, each day must be a celebration!😃🌴🌊not?🤔 Anyway you should follow this account or tell Steemit's friends, a Nomad Soul usually brings lots of awesome contests sponsored by Blocktrades!😊

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Thanks for including me to this.
Happy new year!

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@guruvaj ahah good! Enjoy Year of the Pig!🐷😃

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Amazing contest here. I hope to participate. It will b e great to share how me and family in Nigeria welcome the New year!

Thanks @blocktrades and @Anomadsoul

I'm sure it will be very interesting to see how it's the celebration in Nigeria, thank you for joining my friend.

Again another interesting contest. Last time I missed out but for sure, will share something interesting . Living in a remote place, I won't get a chance to show some ..dazzling lights or orchestra but there is something different sure...even it would be mine first new year celebration in my village. Hope to bring it through the contest.....btw I have a concern....isn't it would be "my 2019"???...instead 2028...

Posted using Partiko Android

Exactly, the whole point of this contest is to share how it goes in our hometown, doesn't matter how it goes. I'm sure even if you think it's not interesting, for people from the other side of the world it will be interesting my friend.

Para mi sera un placer participar, gracias amigo por tus excelentes contribuciones a la comunidad, y a @blocktrades por todo el apoyo brindado, les deseo lo mejor :*

Igualmente, espero tengas un gran inicio de año :)

Lol! I just did a poor mans version of your post. Lol. I suck. I’ll be participating in yours and showing our boring ass evening. What r u doing?!?

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I'm in Mexico! Going to celebrate with the family, not sure where or how but I'll have some fun hopefully haha, cheers brother

Sounds funny but that's good too hehe.

Please join this amazing Contest!!!✨😃😉🤗and invite your friends!😁 @pialejoana @juanmolina @nuthman @amico @steemitri @ovcharuk @chuck2u32 @steemflow @devann @xpilar @naijausser

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Me parece genial compartir esas costumbres que tenemos por el mundo de como celebramos esos últimos minutos del año y como recibimos al nuevo año. Apoyado @anomadsoul

I think it's great to share those customs that we have for the world of how we celebrate those last minutes of the year and how we welcome the new year. Supported @anomadsoul

Espero leer tu entrada en los próximos días! Feliz año nuevo amigo.

Gracias, pero soy chica, mujer, bueno señora, ja, ja.

Thank you, but I am girl, woman, good lady, ha ha. @anomadsoul

I leave you in link to the post:
Te dejo el enlace al post:

Epale compadre!👋 Ya hice Resteem a tu genial Concurso, yo no participo porque no creo que mi fin de año sea muy interesante como para compartirlo con ustedes en fin estaré resfriada leyendo Muerte en el Nilo con Poirot😱🤣 pues mi meta del 2018 es leer 60 libros y a esta hora de la tarde llevo 59!🤓📚😁 Feliz Año Nuevo 2019 pásala rico🥂y que todos tus deseos se cumplan en este nuevo año!!!🙌👍😀🎁🎆✨🤗 ¡Espero leer sus interesantes historias de fin de año amigos!😃🎈🎉

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Muchísimas gracias Jeni! Te mando un abrazo, que tengas un gran inicio de año!

thank you for this contest. how nice it is to share with people and we know how everyone celebrates the new year.
welcome the new year, hopefully in the coming year blessings and grace will always be with us
Thank you @animadsoul
Thank you @esteemapp
Thank you steemit

I hope to read your entry in the next days my friend :)

Thank you so much. That's your kindness. I will join and make an entry soon

I invite all my colleagues and friends who participated in SAM, #sam-saturday to participate in this contest. You can include this post in the contest and in SAM (not just Saturday, any day of the next week). So whoever sees this message hopes to participate in this attractive subject, the end and the beginning of the year, how did we celebrate?
@barbara-orenya; @melinda010100; @roxy-cat;
@luigi-the-gnome; @denissemata; @julieabbi2; @nolasco;
@dswigle; @liliana.duarte; @old-guy-photos; @tali72; @aulia1993; @nelinoeva; @thebigsweed; @c0ff33a; @bluemoon; @trudeehunter; @genesisgaby; @zirochka; @keithboone.

Thanks for stayin spreading the word Jenina!

I also thank Jenina, if she was inspired by my post, it means it was not in vain.

very extraordinary contest. Thank you @bluemoon for inviting me here. it looks like I will take part in this contest.

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Wish you success! All the best in the new year.

This is a great contest. Let's see what I can come up with.

I have nothing spectacular. I have already participated in a contest initiated by blocktrades without any success ...but, who knows, with the new year maybe the luck will be changed.

You should definitely try. Your photos are amazing and I'm sure you have something fit for this theme. It will by a shame not to share your New Year experiences with us. 🙂

Unfortunately, we had the least spectacular end of the year. I have nothing special but I will probably try to write something. Thanks for your good and encouraging thoughts.

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