TBILISI The City That Loves You

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When I have chosen TBILISI the capital of Georgia to spend my winter vacation , i wasn't sure if i'm making a good choice or not , but it turned to be one of the best experiences that i ever had.



Rustaveli Avenue is one of the most important roads you will find Tbilisi, and this sculpture is one of the reasons why you should go check it out if you’re in Tbilisi. It’s a large bicycle, which is positioned perfectly at a high point to give you its clear view. What makes it very special, and weird in the same time, is the fact that it comes with two handlebars and seats that go in opposite directions.

Here i am enjoying a moment with the biggest bicycle that i will ever see.


36511509_10156124040643283_2217252071713800192_n (1).jpg

This Bridges is called"The Bridge of Peace" is a pedestrian bridge and one of the most famous tourist spots in the city. It connects district of Tbilisi Old Town with Rike Park over a river of Mtkvari (kura).



The Kura is an Asian river flowing from west to east between the Caucasus proper and the small Caucasus. She was called Cyrus in ancient times. Kura is the largest river in Transcaucasia.


Here is the Narikala fortress which is the most known as the landmark of Tbilisi. No one leaves Tbilisi without walking around this amazing fortress. You can feel the history of Tbilisi, even though the walls are not in a great shape. During the day Narikala fortress draws your attention from all sides of Tbilisi. It overlooks Mtkvari River, which makes Narikala more incredible. Narikala is one of the most visited places in Tbilisi.


From Narikala (or the top cable car station), you can take a scenic walk west along the Sololaki ridge. The main landmark is the statue of Mother Georgia. This 20m-tall aluminium symbol of Tbilisi holds a sword in one hand and a cup of wine in the other – a classic metaphor for the Georgian character, warmly welcoming guests and passionately fighting off enemies.

I really enjoyed every single day of my trip in that city and what did really touched me was the warmth of its people and their kindness .

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Never even knew this city existed.

How stable is the region?


i didnt face any problems , it was safe and peaceful

I have never been to Tbilisi, but I know that it is a very beautiful city and Your photos are proof of that. I really liked this bridge over the river. Unique architectural structure. Thanks for your story @achlord

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Love it, like it, cuz its great photography.


thanks dude