In the beginning I also started to lease more SP because my vote was more or less worthless xD

Because you are already delegating to SBI you can also start to upvote their posts and comments to get bigger upvotes (dunno if you are already doing it).

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Oh! Thanks for reminding me of that. The SBI bonuses changed a few months ago when they put a minimum on the upvote values required to get the bonuses. Let's see if I qualify again.

I think you have to be above the dust threshhold but you have enough SP

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You're right! I just went through their FAQs. It looks like they just add the value of the upvote to the user's rshares. Thanks!

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I think what you should be looking at is this, in 4 weeks time did my SP grow above 35 SP. If it didn't then you are in a loss but if it did far more than that then you are in profit. I Lease SP a lot and it has helped me grow my account, grow followers that exchange upvotes with me and other added benefits that come with it. I think with a lot of people their experience with leasing wasn't profitable so they won't see any good in it. let me share some of my strategies:

  • I try to post daily.
  • I belong to a lot of communities for which I receive upvotes from for my post - @upvotebuilders (I run this by the way), SBI, Qurator, jjm and other Dapps.
  • I comment a lot and upvote the post for which I comment on that in return give me upvotes too.
  • I use a lot of Dapps and alternative Steem platforms (Actifit, Partiko, Busy, Steemcoinpan, AAA), I earn extras in points, tokens and extra upvotes, I can also exchange those tokens/points for upvotes or sell the token at Steem-Engine for more Steem.
  • I autoupvote a lot of post by regular members that have good returns for my upvote and it pays well via curation.
  • I use the services of Dustsweepers so that I don't loose any curation because of dust value
  • I power down part of my SP in a way that what I earn for the week is more than the value of the power down SP received. This ensures that I always have ther resources to extend my leased SP and that my account keeps growing week in week out.
  • I try to make my VP stay above 80% always, that way I my upvotes are always in the optimum range 80% to 100%.

Those some of the things I do and more am trying to remember to help me stay leasing and growing my SP.

I also do some delegation as the also bring in their own rewards. Cheers.

Thanks! That's a lot of advise to help me make the most out of my SP lease. I'll be sure to try a lot of them over the next few days. I already do some of them even before the SP lease, but it will be interesting to see how different my experience will be, now that I have a higher SP.

I'm not sure I want to powerdown, though. I'll have to find a different way to fund my next SP lease, if I decide to continue once the month is up.

As to whether or not my SP lease is a success, I'll be comparing my SP growth as the main indicator of ROI. I'll probably compare a few other things, but you're right. At the end of the day, it's all about my owned SP.

Have you leased through block trades I often convert a tiny bit of steem to the 90 delegation as it's super fast to do but have no Idea if it's worth it or not or how it compares to the other leasing outlets and ideas?

I looked into blocktrades too. I don't remember the exact numbers, but you get more SP for your STEEM at minnowbooster. It's because the lease terms are more flexible. You can adjust how much you want to spend and for how long, etc. It's true that the blocktrades option is easier, faster and you're guaranteed the lease. But since I didn't mind waiting and I really wanted to get more for my STEEM, I went with minnowbooster.

Have you tried using @steemfollower? It's an upvote exchange platform where you get points for the value of your upvote... it would be a good way to get some powerful upvotes in return once you lose your delegation.

If you lease 1000 sp under the 24 dollar a month you could win if you write quality posts daily and use this trail. You get like 0.8 dollar daily payout I think just check it. That's with 0.4dollar steemprice 60 steem a month.

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Thanks for the tip. I would try that, but my problem is I have a hard time maintaining my voting power. Lol! I used to follow a similar trail, just with a smaller value of upvotes and I had to leave because of the same reason.

I lease sp for my three STEEM blogs, and have since I started here 2 years ago. Like you I realized I could grow my accounts faster with the leverage, instead of adding tiny amounts to sp.

But unlike you, I do not lease big. I lease many small instead. I lease:

  • 50 sp for 24 weeks at 14.2% each time.

Then I renew when the leases come up. I do this so that I don't get hurt too much if someone pulls their lease, which they do sometimes.

So I usually have lease requests open in minnowbooster. Not now,since all three got filled this week.

Some tags to look at for good curation rewards are:

If you get in before the curators of those tags do, you will get good rewards. You need to be good one finding the people who will later get the curation, but it is not that hard.

I haven't considered looking into the tags, yet. To be honest, there are so many tags out there that I feel overwhelmed by it all. But, I'll start with your suggestions, specifically steemiteducation, that looks like a good one to me. As for Steemhunt, I usually just curate posts manually from their website. Thanks for the help!

I think I am going to do the same as you. Buy leased SP and having more to curate :D

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Good luck with that. I'm liking my experience, so far. Like I said, I may not get back what I spent in curation rewards, but I'm hoping to grow my account with it. Let us know how it goes.

Ye true. It might not pay for itself. But it is a bit more fun hehe.
I have done it with blocktrade in the past for 3 month lease.

Just wait for HF21, then it should be more profitable

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You're right! It is more fun! I'm enjoying seeing some value in my upvotes. And yeah, HF21 will be a big deal for curation. I just hope is really is profitable for everyone, as others suggest.

I did buy 1000 SP for both of my accounts yesterday and I love it. Its amazing to be able to spread the wealth more :D

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@cryptocopy, I will share my experience and whatever Steem i earned it's through Content Creation and Commenting and never invested anything in Steem, I've just powered up my 60% rewards and 40% withdrawn to go through from my expenses.

So, if we are good in Engagementthen definitely there are higher chances to gain more rewards on this **Ecosystem **.

Good to read your experience. Stay blessed.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Right now, I just want to try a lot of different things and see what works for me and what doesn't. I also really want to grow my account faster, so hopefully this could help me do it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome and hope that you will successfully grow your account. Stay blessed.

Welcome and hope that
You will successfully grow
Your account. Stay blessed.

                 - chireerocks

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I think the delegation is unnecessary. Because we've got to earn more than the amount we're spending so we can get rid of it. Delegation works well in accounts with background. That is why we have to spend my steeme even more profitable places.

I agree that it is unlikely that I will earn back what I spent on the delegation. But I wouldn't call it unnecessary, either. The goal of the delegation isn't exactly profit, after all. It's growth. And in this sense the jury is still out whether I can achieve that growth or not. Right now, though, just a few days since I started leasing SP, I am happy that I leased the SP.

Plus, if there was a time to experiment on things like leasing SP, it would be now that STEEM prices are still low. And given the high chances of HardFork 21 going through, which will change the reward structure from 75/25 to the new 50/50 Author/Curation split, delegation might soon become more profitable.

Thanks for stopping by!

I have never been a fan of the idea of leasing SP... as I for one just don't see the overall value in it. Yes I guess you could up vote a lot of people, and encourage them to start uploading you as well... But when it's all said and done unless you have curated a bunch of people and received up voting, at the end of the four weeks you don't have the power anymore...

This being said, through the steam basic income, vote people at 100%, then receive that vote back on your own posts. This might be the best way to go, or contact other bloggers and do about exchange with them.

Leasing is an experiment for me. A few days into it, I'm liking the experience so far. I like that my votes have actual value, that my curation rewards have gone up, and that I can delegate my owned SP to other projects without having to worry that I have no more SP left. I'm guessing that I won't make the 35 STEEM back in terms of currency value, but I'm hoping to make it back in other ways. Thanks for your input!

I cannot suggest you anything since I dobnot lease. Perhaps @fitinfun can tell you how or what?

I wonder ifvit is really that bad to have a lower upvote.
It is about the comments you leave, the impression you leave behind and contacts you build this way.

I like you post since you took the time too to tell step by step what to do. Thanks.

You're welcome! And thanks for stopping by. I agree with you that there's definitely nothing wrong with a lower upvote. The higher upvote is a little nice, though. 😁

If you are looking to make money from the lease, then you had probably vote and comment on people who have lots of SP and can give you upvotes in return, but if you want others to enjoy your lease, you share with people who have low SP

I have been looking at leasing too but not sure I have enough liquid steem to make a profit from it or not. Glad it's working for you!

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It might not be a good idea to lease SP for profits. Odds are, you won't make it back. Me, I'm looking at it from a growth perspective. Maybe if the rewards structure is changed to 50/50 after Hardfork 21, then leasing could be profitable, but that would still depend on how Hardfork affects leasing prices.

Great thanks hid is something to look at

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