The Fourth Papal Decree of Steem Pope Jacob

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Steem Pope Hat

In order to fulfil my sacred duties as Steem Pope, I hereby issue this fourth decree for the enlightenment of the masses.

Why bots are heretical

People post to blogging sites in order for their material to be read by others. Steemit adds a reward function to this core purpose, but readership remains the goal of blogging. Bot views are empty views, because there is zero engagement with real people in a bot upvote. Automatic bot votes also dilute the value of conscientious curation rather than enhance the platform.

How to be a good curator

  1. Read posts and upvote based on what you believe is good. Ideally, use 100% upvote power to put as much weight as possible behind what you value on this platform.
  2. Comment on posts to discuss interesting subjects. Upvote comments that add value to the conversation to reward participation.
  3. Follow other users who consistently produce content you enjoy and participate in the wider Steemit community.
  4. Resteem especially good posts to increase their visibility to other Steemians.

Blessings upon the faithful

Let the following good people henceforth be listed among the faithful:


May the Blockchain reward you. May the community support you. Go in peace, and spread the good word of Cryptocurrency. Welcome the plankton, nurture the minnow, and hold the rogue whale to account.


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Ah, excellent observations, Your Steeminess...

However, may I please request a minor edit?

Please address me as @creatr - i.e. "lowercase" 'c' in the name...

May it be known to one and all that I am not in competition with "The Big Guy;"

Rather, I so admire His handiwork that I seek to humbly imitate His Grand and Glorious Creativity! ;)