Would you use this micro-blogging service if you could hit promotion button randomly and it would send say $45 dollars to a random Steemian or split between multiple Steemians? Is this a good idea ?

in steempoll •  2 years ago

This is to get feedback on a potential feature.

1. Yes
2. No
3. Maybe

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I cant alter my vote percent yet, not enough steem, but I think that is an interesting idea, and yes I would hit that button, there would probably need to be a limit on number of times per 24 hours though.


You can directly use SteemPoll Website to vote which will alter vote percent for you!


The idea is basically when someone hits the promote button to promote a post that is then sent to users who are active as a reward. So instead of the usual way sites take all of it and screw over the users. Also here is a post on it https://steemit.com/growth-ideas/@thedegensloth/idea-steem-powered-micro-blogging