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RE: Going back to STEEMIT this 2020

in #steemph3 years ago

Awesome! I’m going through a similar thing now. Living a low budget life in the middle of nowhere allowed me to steem to my hearts delight but going back to work full time, I just didn’t have the steam left for it (arg! Pun!).

The drama and spam made it easy to quit. But this whole time something was missing

In my recharge time I developed a YouTube addiction. Now I’m getting over that addiction and filling that time with steeming. I feel so much better! The great people are still here. There is still bullshit but I ignore it

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Wow same thoughts here. I'm so tired watching YouTube and self pity for being not good enough like the top YouTubers. I need to get up and make content. They didn't make good videos on their first try bdw.

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