Going back to STEEMIT this 2020

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Steemit 2020

Hi there! well, a few days left before 2020. Get ready to be bombarded with typical questions are like "What is your new years' resolution?", 'New diet plan and exercise" or "What are your 2020 goals?". If you ask me I'm planning to go back steeming. This post is not about my crypto predictions it's more about my ideas worth two cents.

My account just turned 2 years old last month. I can still remember I joined the crypto hype that time in November 2017 and enjoying the massive amount of earnings where 1 SBD is equivalent to 13 USD last December 19, 2017. In 2018, I slowly quit steemit just like other people's reasons like SBD and STEEM are going down and thinking it's not worth the time. It also hurt the platform so much cause a lot of people are spamming and making some trash content. I decided to buy a camera to make better content but I was consumed by my negative what-ifs. Both of my hobbies photography and drawing were set aside.

Recently I have a huge transition in my life, I moved to United States that gave me a lot of free time to make content. I asked my self again,

"Did I quit cause I don't have time or is it because I don't have any confidence in me?"

I tried studying coding to be a web developer or a designer last week and I was surprised about HTML, I was surprised that steemit taught me a lot. I tried to search my name FUKUMI NEKO on google and it showed my steemit trending posts and there I saw my humble beginnings. Then I said to my self,

"I used to be good on the things that I love. I mean I still love to do those things or maybe I stopped loving my self"

(Image by William Iven from Pixabay)

I watched some videos of the great artists on youtube and Youtuber celebrities. There is one thing that they do in common they are all PERSISTENT. They all started with crappy video quality, bad audio, and their skills are really far from what they got now. It was not given to them in a silver platter.

They all worked for it.

So I decided to go back to steemit and make more content, I know it's kinda scary to make blogs on a decentralized platform it will stay here forever, I wanna grow old and laugh at my mistakes. If you are reading this my older self I wanna tell you that I made you better for what I have done today.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

Aside from self-growth, I learned more about crypto and how to earn them. There are a lot of DAPPS you can utilize for a good side hustle. I told myself I can make my own website but I'll stick here because a website takes a lot of money and effort to sustain and steemit is a free blogging platform. Most of all I love the supportive community. I made a lot of friends here.

Join me as we keep on STEEMING this 2020.


Good that you're back! Steem is always a good platform. God speed!

Awesome! I’m going through a similar thing now. Living a low budget life in the middle of nowhere allowed me to steem to my hearts delight but going back to work full time, I just didn’t have the steam left for it (arg! Pun!).

The drama and spam made it easy to quit. But this whole time something was missing

In my recharge time I developed a YouTube addiction. Now I’m getting over that addiction and filling that time with steeming. I feel so much better! The great people are still here. There is still bullshit but I ignore it

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Wow same thoughts here. I'm so tired watching YouTube and self pity for being not good enough like the top YouTubers. I need to get up and make content. They didn't make good videos on their first try bdw.

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