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Were you able to catch the opening ceremony of Winter Olympic games? Well it was a great spectacle and I suggest you watch it if you missed it. Pyeongchang, normally a quiet town was filled with bright lights and loud music as it hosted Olympians from 92 participating countries. Our very own Michael Martinez and Asa Miller competing in figure skating and alpine skiing respectively represented the Philippines. This is the second time that the Olympic cauldron is being lit in South Korea. The first was 30 years ago in Seoul during the 1988 summer Olympic games.

Then and Now

30 years ago before the start of the summer Olympics in Seoul, N Korea bombed Korean Air flight 858 killing all 115 people on board mostly S Koreans. This terrorist act was clearly an effort from then N Korean leader Kim IL Sung (Kim Jong Un's grandfather) to sabotage the games.
2 days ago the Winter olympics opened differently, this time with a historic handshake between Kim Jo Yong, sister of N Korean leader Kim Jong Un and S Korean Prime Minister Moon Jae-In. This marks the first time that a member of N Koreans ruling family sets foot in S Korea.


One Korea

This is the 7th time they will be parading as one Korea under the unification flag but watching it still gives you goose bumps. Also, after nearly 3 decades (In 1991, Korea had combined teams in the world table tennis championships in Japan and the soccer's World Youth Championship in Portugal), the Koreans are once again parading a combined team, the women’s ice hockey team. Even with the top leaders of the two Korea's cheering this team during their historic first game, they lost lopsidedly to Switzerland 8-0. The loss however, was not enough to overshadow the team's true accomplishment


Hockey Team.JPG


One would think that unification is something that everybody will support. Sadly this noble act of both countries which took a lot of humility and teamwork were met with opposition from citizens of both N and S Korea. Even US Vice President Mike Pence who is part of the US delegation was giving this act the cold shoulder.

GOD’s Plan

North and South Korea has been at war since the 1950’s and three generations of Kim’s ruling the north only saw things escalate with every new leader. Last year, I really thought war was going to break out because of continued nuclear testing of Kim Jong Un’s regime. Who would have thought that we would witness what we are witnessing right now. A handshake and a combined women’s ice hockey team just didn’t seem possible. But that’s just it I guess, if you believe in a GOD who is sovereign and limitless, then you would understand that nothing is impossible with our LORD. You may not agree with me but I believe GOD has a plan for this nation and is his hand is currently at work.
While I would love to give a date as to when the war would end, I can’t. I don’t even know if these acts are genuine or not. Maybe it’s real or maybe it’s all just politics. It’s not my business to know. All I can really do is have faith and claim his promise.

Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a hope and future.

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Because His thoughts are not our thoughts and His wisdom is beyond our comprehension.


Amen to that! We'll waste our energy trying to understand how HE works. So I say just focus on trusting and seeking him and obeying what it is he wants us to do.