Introducing Alphawhale

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The sharks are here!

Hello steemian, have you ever worked so hard on a post only to have very few eyes see it? Well, its true that in this platform, many good writings, pictures and talents goes down unnoticed.
0b6618be-d69a-467c-90ab-51b31c8e3dea.png@alphawhale is a vountary initiative which is directed towards hunting for quality posts, to upvote and resteem to a wider audience.

@alphawhale does not request that you make payment in SP, or in SBD or of any form. Except this is done voluntarily in support of the initiative.

However, @alphawhale depends on steem (SP) availabilty to upvote and promote post.

To therefore get SP, @alphawhale depends on upvotes on resteem post.

@alphawhale also depends on its followers.

@alphawhale only resteems and upvotes posts considered to be of high quality:

  • Informative
  • Educative
  • Entertaining
  • Original
  • Must contain good quality photograph(s)
  • pictures must be detailed

Note: @alphawhale relies on your upvotes on resteem post to function. To attract quick attention on your blog/posts, participate on Upvotes on resteem post.

If you follow @alphawhale, you have been followed.

Every steemian who follows @alphawhale is known as Shark and stands a chance of having his or her good Post featured in salt water.

To enable the initiative to survive, please resteem this post to a larger number of audience.

Follow @alphawhale to get your best post upvoted and resteem free.

Rule the steem

For inquiry or support: [email protected]

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This project is beautiful! Let's steem on @alphawhale! <3

I need resteem!!

Thanks for the upvote on my post! Hope this takes off, it sounds like it will be a great thing for all those involved. GO!! alphawhale you got my upvote!

Well, I wish you luck with your initiative. You have to be patient and stick to your own rules, though-- quality content only and not low quality garbage, even if people ask you.

Hi @alphawhale !
This is a great initiative, can't wait to see your resteems !

Followed, resteemed and upvoted. Looking forward to seeing you on my timeline. Great initiative.



Mind checking my blog for something worth resteeming?

Much obliged

hello @alphawhale , thank you.
looking forward to resteeming with you.
it would help others too.

I need resteem please
Check my post

Welcome @alphawhale, I look forward to steeming with you.