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Hello readers of SteemPh Finance Wednesday. Another hump day another dollar day.

Has anyone reading this column? I hope more and more are reading this because this is where the money is. If you have read this, leave a comment, an emoji, a thumbs up or anything. I just want to see if we are reaching out some audiences out there.

Anyway, someone asked about this paysbook in discord. I have heard it before and I know it would be another Filipino pyramid scheme but I did not look into it deeper because I’ve heard that the SEC already issued a warning about the company. I have looked around and guess what, there is already a written public warning about this Paysbook by SEC.

Even posted about their disgust with Paysbook.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has recently issued an advisory (as seen below) on PAYSBOOK E-COMMERCE SYSTEM CO. LTD (“PAYSBOOK”), warning the public of the individuals and groups involved in such activities. The advisory defines the activities behind the scheme, and advises the public to take precaution in joining or investing in these groups.

In support of this view, does not endorse or is affiliated in any way with such activities or products. Moreover, we have a zero tolerance policy on fraud and scamming practices.

You can read the SEC letter HERE

My take on this types of schemes

This are all pyramid schemes, I don’t know why we Filipinos are so prone to it. The worst part is, fellow Filipinos are running these types of schemes. These predators are preying on the poor peoples’ greed.

The problem here is some people don’t know what they are getting into and when they realize they lost money, they will start blaming someone. I have also know other people who knew exactly what they were getting into, they knew that it is a pyramid scheme but when they lost their money they start saying that they don’t understand and start blaming other people. And who will they blame, their friend or relatives that recruited them in joining.

Learn to play the game. Before you invest on something make sure you understand what you are investing into. Do some research on it. If you lost your money, don’t blame other people because they did not force you to invest.

Are this type of scheme a scam?

It depends who is defining the word scam. To me as long as you are getting paid or the company is paying it is not a scam. It maybe fraud because they did not mentioned that they will be in the business of investments when they lodge their application to SEC.

Am I invested on pyramid schemes?

Technically YES, but not large amount of money. I have invested small amount of money on the purpose of doing research.

My current research that I have done is the BITROBO, a very high risk investment due to its nature and it has been deemed fraud before. So it is like a revival of an old scam.

Is it paying?

YES, to date it’s still paying.

Read my full review HERE


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WAR FIELD is a first-person multiplayer shooter game that rewards users with cryptocurrency for kills and achievements.

Look at this @afterglow, you can now get money for getting head shots. This could be popular to people who love shooter games like counter strike and the like.

This article is from @ruah

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Money Money Money Post #3, with some Payment Proofs etc.

@artgirl, you are a legend.

On this article of @artgirl, she has revealed some of her "money pot" with an accompanying "proof of payment". Now that says it all.

Read her article and join her in accumulating richness.

Read her full article HERE

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Thank you sir @webcoop, i-try ko ang War Field.


You are welcome @afterglow, try ko din sana pero hindi kasi ako palagi yung na he head shot heheheh


Try mo sir, konting praktis lang at madami ka na mahe-head shot.


CS ako dati, pero palagi wall hack at auto aim bot kaya talagang alang kaya hehe

Hahaha grabeshuh. Tenkyuberimats. 😅 More pera come to mamah!


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You are welcome.

By the way, are you interested in writing and curating for SteemPH Arts and Crafts?
Sorry was going to ask you in private but your twitter don't accepts messages (me think)


Oh my Twitter doesn't accept DMs? I think it does. If not let me change settings.

I think bearone contacted me abt it but I have to be in Discord to join... I don't want to sign up to Discord though. 😥

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uuhhh intriga ako.... meron ka di nagustuhan sa discord hehe


Ahehehe. Dami kc chatroom dun tska ayoko ng magulo. Feeling ko gugulo buhay ko pag may Discord ako. 😂

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Hi @webcoop, thanks for featuring my post <3 I was encouraged to post more about airdrops.


You are very welcome @ruah